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Smart Penguins Legend Returns!

Hello Comrades,

 Many of you already know me, for those who don’t I am Superhero123, former Smart Penguins Leader and Legend! I joined SP on 22nd September 2013, One year ago and today I decided to return! I will be leading our UK division with SD. I am expecting all of you try your best to attend events and also will be maintaining the site along with Vivek. I have returned to SP after a long time so i expect to achieve a few goals before leaving it again[If I ever do :P]

1) I want to make UK achieve sizes of 25+ and also touch 30+ sometimes.

2) I want SP to reach its best in CPAC and other news site which record our performances.

Smartness to victory




Tuesday Ausia Event Results [Training]

Hello Comrades,

Today we logged on Ice Breaker[ 1 Bar ] and did pretty well considering our recent remake. This Event was led by me , Sd , Chip , Gray and lasted for 32 Minutes. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures till the very end and somehow managed to get few pictures towards the end. Our Tactics were pretty good and if not for the good work of chip they would have been worse. Without further ado read more for pictures.

Formation for the Day

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The Smart Age Begins!!!!

Hello Comrades,

Today we had our reopening event which went of pretty good considering most people in the ausia region still have exams. This event was led by me , Abhinav , Sky and Silver and the latter did great in leading. Thanks to silver for his pictures. Our Tactics were pretty bad due to cp freezing for 3 people that is the reason 3 people didnt do tactics in our pictures. Without further ado read more for pictures.

Formation for the Day

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Mandatory Event – Grand Opening

Hey Smart Penguins! It’s been long since I last posted here. I’m your AUSIA Leader, Abhinav. As we all know, Smart Penguins are opening on Monday, the 22nd of September. To mark our opening, we will celebrate the grand opening of the Smart Penguins!

Everybody must attend the event!

Grand Opening Celebration

Mandatory Event

Server: Ice Breaker (Our Capital)


9:00 AM EST

9:00 PM AWST

6:00 PM IST

11:00 PM AEST

10:00 PM JST

2:00 PM GMT

6:00 AM PST

7:00 AM MST

8:00 AM CST

💡 Smartness To The Victory! 💡

Smart Penguins : The Return

Hello Comrades,

Rise and shine my soldiers for we are going to in a months time.

Smart penguins are to officially open on 22nd September

Till then we shall be holding unofficial events to train our new recruits and also note that the  SPRF should continue recruiting just like in our old generation.

Smarties get ready to experience our second generation also known as The Smart Age.

For now the leaders are to be me and Grayrocket and we shall be Hiring mods and owners in between to make sure we rock the army community when we start.

All hail Smart Penguins!!!

Resurgence will be achieved


Smart Penguins Leader

Good CPAC Rank!!!

Hey Comrades,

Its Dinesh , Your Leader with Good News.

We are back to CPAC again and this time without Andy and our personal best in CPAC.

Good Job and Hope to continue the same!

We got the Best Ausia Score compared to all the other armies but we need to improve a lot in our US / UK Division.

Take a Picture of your Hard Work Troops: