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[EU] Legends Cup XI – Battle Against Water Vikings

ICE BREAKER, Smart Penguins Capital –
Today was the moment we were all waiting since the revival of this army, Legends Cup XI. And, today I had to face the army that once was my home, the Water Vikings.

Although it was hard, I cannot let the effort put by my staff team in SP be unnoticed. During the last weeks, we worked nights and days with some goals in mind, having fun and having good participation in LCXI. We were successful in both! Even though we lost to our allies (Congratulations WV and best of luck for round two!) we performed good tactics, formations, and bombs throughout the Lighthouse, Stadium, and Iceberg, with a max of 20 penguins.

I couldn’t be more proud of our performance. Thank you to everyone that attended! A special thank you to my Higher Command, Staff, and Advisory team that has been helping either in the spotlight or in the background to make SP an enjoyable place for troops, allies, and visitors.

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