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The Smart Age Begins!!!!

Hello Comrades,

Today we had our reopening event which went of pretty good considering most people in the ausia region still have exams. This event was led by me , Abhinav , Sky and Silver and the latter did great in leading. Thanks to silver for his pictures. Our Tactics were pretty bad due to cp freezing for 3 people that is the reason 3 people didnt do tactics in our pictures. Without further ado read more for pictures.

Formation for the Day

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Good CPAC Rank!!!

Hey Comrades,

Its Dinesh , Your Leader with Good News.

We are back to CPAC again and this time without Andy and our personal best in CPAC.

Good Job and Hope to continue the same!

We got the Best Ausia Score compared to all the other armies but we need to improve a lot in our US / UK Division.

Take a Picture of your Hard Work Troops:






Good Job at the Tournament! [ Ausia ]

Hello Comrades,

Today we logged on Klondike Berg for the Round 2 of the SMAC Continental Cup. We maxed 18 which is not bad. We won with a huge difference with RP maxing 2 and Dragons maxing 3. We must improve even better to reach CPAC.

Read more for pictures:
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SP On The Rise! 1st on SMAC, 2nd on SMAP!

Hello smarties!

I woke up this morning only to realize our swelling sizes in the last week have earned an unprecendented rank of 1st on the Top 10 of SMAC, 2nd on SMAP [earlier called CPAF] and 12th on CPAC! We must continue, and I guess sooner or later we’ll be a major army!

We need to maintain our form, and try not be complacent because of this rise!




Smartness to the Victory!