The history of the first five generations of SP is written by Superhero123 (with some additions from Vivek and Astro). The history of the sixth generation is written by df44.



[♣] SEPTEMBER 2013 [♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Vivek, Dinesh, Superhero123

SP was established as ‘Smarty Penguins’ by Vivek and his counterparts, converted from a tracking chat into an army. With the help of his classmate Dinesh, the SP was officially opened on September 19th, 2013. This month  SP had an average size of 5-10, primarily consisting of AUSIA events tuned to Indian times. Pictures from events can seen below:

Below is the picture of Smarty Penguins’ first ever event [The only one surviving till date]

SP First Event

SP’s second event which was unfortunately raided by Light Troops, whom we  had bad relations with.

PIC 23


[♣]OCTOBER 2013[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Vivek, Dinesh, Superhero123, Ashkan

This month SP growed. We started maxing sizes 8-12 in almost every event. Then we started a war. Our first war. It was against Ice Hounds, an army created by Son Nav, who is still around today. This war ended in a tie.
Here are some pictures from events this month:
Unfortunately no pictures against Ice Hounds are found.

[♣]NOVEMBER 2013[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Vivek, Dinesh, Superhero123, Ashkan

In this month SP continued rising. We reached 14-18 in every event. We also had a battle against Green mercenaries. At the beginning of the month a guy named Max also known as Cassiusbrutus tried to trick SP and make then a new generation of Club Penguin Empire but he failed. 
Here are event pictures for this month:
Picture from the Practise Battle against Green Mercenaries

[♣]DECEMBER 2013[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Vivek, Dinesh (Until 6th), Superhero123, Rishron

 On December SP’s sizes started getting a bit smaller, with the exeption of a AUSIA event in which we maxed 16. Also at this month Dinesh had some arguments with the leadership and quit. Finally, we had a war against Exrate Army which we won!

Here are pictures of this month:


Invasion of Whiteout.

[♣]JANUARY 2014[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Vivek, Dinesh, Superhero123, Astro

This was a really bad month for SP. Rishron quit and in the few events SP had it maxed around 8.

Here are pictures of this month:


[♣]February 2014[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Vivek, Dinesh, Superhero123, Rishron (After 28th), Rix

In this month SP returned to its normal sizes, maxing around 13-15 in most events. SP then had a deface but it quickly recovered. Finally Rishron returned at the end of this month.
Here are pictures of this month:

[♣]March 2014[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Vivek, Dinesh, Superhero123, Andy, Rishron, Rix (Until 16th)

In this month one of the greatest leaders of SP joined. His name was Andy and with him SP maxed around 18 in all events. He also reformed the SP government. SP reached CPAC 9th (and CPAC in general) for the first time in it’s history. At the end of this month SP got defaced and Rishron returned.

Here are pictures of this month:
pro5 copy

[♣]April 2014[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Vivek, Dinesh, Superhero123, Andy

In this month SP dropped a bit at the beginning but recovered and reached even bigger heights than before, maxing around 20 in two events. Also Rishron quit in this month.

Here are pictures of this month:

[♣]May 2014[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Vivek, Dinesh (Until 20th), Superhero123, Andy

In this month SP joined League of Justice and had a war against LT, in which LOJ won. SP reached 7th on CPAC for the firth time on their history(Best Rank until Generation 5). Dinesh retired this month. SP maxed around 18 in most events. Finally, SP won a tournament, the 2014 SMAC Continental Cup.

Here are pictures of this month:

[♣]June 2014[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Vivek, Superhero123, Andy (Until 11th)

In this month SP had some events maxing around 19 in most of them. At the 11th Andy retired and SP had their last event of their first generation, which was a AUSIA PB against RPF in which SP won. After that event SP became inactive and shut down.

Here are pictures of this month:

SP first generation’s last event.



[♣]September 2014[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Vivek, Superhero123 (After 24th), Abhinav, Grayrocket

In this month SP returned for its second and most unsuccessful generation. After having two events SP got inactive and shut down again.

Here are pictures of this month:


[♣]August 2015[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Superhero123, Epic Master

After almost a year of closure SP returned for its third generation. This generation was led by Superhero123 and Epic Master and even though it was small, SP accomplished great sizes (15+ in most events). In this generation there was also a war against COBRA which ended in a tie.

Here are pictures of this month:

War Against COBRA


[♣]October 2015[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Superhero123, Epic Master

Two months after the last generation SP returned for their fourth generation. It was a bad generation which ended in a short period of time.We also defeated Crimson Crew in a war at this month.

Here are pictures of this month:


[♣]April 2016[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Superhero123, Astro75114, Wenny (Until 24th)

In this month Smart Penguins returned for their 5th generation. They maxed around 15 in most events and engaged in a war against Night Rebels and Silver Surfers.

Here are pictures of this month:

[♣]May 2016[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Superhero123, Astro75114

In this month Smart Penguins had great sizes and reached 5th on CPAC(Best Rank till date). Then they had a lockdown  until June.

Here are pictures of this month:

[♣]June 2016[♣]

Commanders-in-chief: Superhero123, Astro75114

At the beginning of this month SP returned. SP had good sizes for the whole month. Nothing else important happened.

Here are pictures of this month:

[♣]July 2016[♣]

Commander-in-Chief(s) : Superhero123 , Astro75114 , Darx

This month, Cloud Warriors merged into SP. We fought for the Legends Cup against ACP, but we unfortunately lost. We defeated (and completely conquered) Striking Raiders in a war.

Here are the pictures from this month:

[♣]August 2016[♣]

 Commander-in-Chief(s) : Superhero123 , Astro75114 , Madhav
This month, SP got engaged in several wars against the Rebel Penguin federation, Golds, Security army, The Mighty Ducks and the Dark Warriors. We were victorious in the war against RPF and tied the other ones..Superhero123 and Darx announced their temp. retirement from CPA till winter.
Here are the pictures from this month :

[♣]September 2016[♣]

Commander-in-Chief(s) : Astro75114

This was a quite inactive month for SP , but a rather important one too. This is the only month till date where a single leader has led SP. We also entered CPAC 2 times this month , then had a temp lockdown because of the busy schedule of the leaders and troops. We also celebrated SP’s 3rd birthday.

[♣]October 2016[♣]

Commander-in-Chief(s) : Astro75114

After achieving a rank of 9th on CPAC (Before the CPAC and SMAC merge), SP started becoming inactive due to the busy schedule of the leader and troops and shut down, thus ending the very successful generation 5.

The End

[♣]March 2017[♣]

Commander-in-Chief(s) : Vivek, Dinesh, Superhero123, Astro75114

After learning that Club Penguin was going to shut down in March 29th of 2017, many of the ex-leaders and legends of the Smart Penguins returned for two final events, as well as the creators of SP, Vivek and Dinesh. The one event was in the AUSIA division and the other one in the UK. The UK event was also Superhero123’s retirement one, since he was the only one of the returning legends that hadn’t retired yet. The sizes SP got in those events (17-18 troops in both) were extremely high, considering SP wasn’t around for the last five months.

The last AUSIA event.

The last UK event.

Epilogue – Writer’s Note

So this was the story (although not much analytical I must admit) of the Smart Penguins Army. After finishing the writing down of this incredible army’s history, I would like to also mention my personal experience from SP throughout those years. In the beginning, SP was for me just a fun internet activity, another internet “game” to play. But as the time passed, it transformed into something more than that, something the I could never had imagined. It transformed into an internet “family” that its members were caring for each other, never afraid of anyone else and always fighting for what was fair and just. There were many passionate people joining throughout the years that made this journey get richer and richer, both in emotions and as a learning experience. Because CP Armies are an incredible learning experience. It is probably one of the best ways to learn how real life politics work as well as how bonds with people are made in an internetic global scale. The CP Army Map created in the summer of 2016 also added an incredible strategic element, even though it unfortunately quickly shut down. Some people may say that this whole thing was pointless, just some random kids fighting with snowballs on a kids game. But in reality, it offered much more than that and everyone that was once truly part in this wonderful community of armies will know. And although this might be the end of SP, it is certainly a beginning of a wonderful life for many of us, using the skills we learned from this amazing ride.

Smartness to the Victory!

~Superhero123, Smart Penguins Legend



[♣]June 2021[♣]

Commander-in-Chief(s): df44, Superhero123

The return of the Smart Penguins to the community was announced on the 5th of June, planning to host the reopening event on the 3rd of July. However, due to Legends Cup preparation, the reopening event took place on the 26th of June with a max of 16 penguins online.


[♣]July 2021[♣]

Commander-in-Chief(s): df44, Superhero123

This month started off with a historical dance contest event that reached our biggest max of 22 penguins online. Then we started our pursue of Freeland in the CPA map. We also hosted our first battles preparing ourselves for the biggest event of the month, Legends Cup XI. There we faced the Water Vikings in round one and although we didn’t win, we managed to have a great max of 20 penguins. We ended the month with a declaration of war on the Golden Troops and the first two war invasions.



[♣]August 2021[♣]

Commander-in-Chief(s): df44, Superhero123 (until the 20th)

We entered the month of August in a state of war and placing 7th on the first top ten armies. We continued our war efforts and peaked at a max of 19 penguins in one defense, making it the biggest max this month. After that, we called on a ceasefire to participate in Challengers Cup II, where we faced Elite Federals, winning and moving forward to round two where we lost against the Fire Warriors in a close battle. Following the ending of our participation in CC II, we signed a treaty with Golden Troops ending our war with a victorious score of 6-0-3 (W/T/L). On August 20th we entered a lockdown period.


[♣]September 2021[♣]

Commander-in-Chief: df44

The lockdown period was interrupted to host a special farewell event on September 6th. This event was the last event of the generation and peaked at a max of 14 penguins online. In this month SP also received the “Best New Army” Summer Award from the CPA news site “CP Army HQ”.




  1. Nice history


    Hello soldiers I am proud of the history of Vivek and and his army and I am proud of Vivek to give the name of Indians.And I am also an Indian and nice,the army started with our Indians.I am proud of u VIVEK…………Bharat Mata Ke Jai..!

    From Lieutenant Colonel
    Steve Francis (2013 till date)

  3. History page will be updated soon!

  4. I see I’m still not menioned.

  5. I started almost at the same time as Vivek, and was his rival and enemy from the start. But after 4 years it turns out we became good buddies, and we are going to miss each other.
    Thankyou for the wonderful AUSIA competition Smart Penguins, I will miss you and the leaders who became my best friends/pals lol(Astro, Ash, Vivek, Dinesh, Super, Pranav :))

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