[♠] LEGENDS [♠]


 [Founder of SP and PoG]

[2013-2014, 2021]

 Vivek, the founder of SP was once in ACP, but he defected from it and established SP. He is also famous for leading Golden Troops Ausia which was considered one of the best Ausia divisions of all times. For his contributions in SP and GT he won the title of S/M army legend.


[Former Leader and Founding Member]


Dinesh, a classmate of Vivek was the person who persuaded Vivek to transform his tracking chat into an army. He became notorious when he tried to coup Vivek, but he then rejoined and helped SP once again.


[Former Leader]


Abhinav was a diligent leader of SP. He returned for a short while to SP in February 2014 as well. He later shifted to Rebel Penguin Federation due to Elmikey forcing him to leave us to lead their Ausia Division. He rejoined again as Leader on 19th September 2014 to once again lead us to our former glory and victory.


[Former Leader and PoG]

[2013-2016 , 2021]

Superhero is a devoted leader of SP. Joining only days after its creation and making the first official website for SP, Super has always been there for us through thick and thin. He has led alongside every single leader since the first generation and is by far the longest serving leader. Super led SP to become a S/M superpower in the old generations and led SP to CPAC Top 10 multiple times in 2016 which includes a Top 5 spot on CPAC top ten. He was nominated for S/M legend in 2016 for his work in SP and GMA.
Outside of SP, Super is recognized for his work on CPA:TG which earned him the CPA legend status. Vivek has stated multiple times that SP is incomplete without Super. He is truly one of the best and the most loyal leaders SP has ever seen.


[Former Leader]


Andy is referred to as one of the best SP leaders till date. He transformed SP from an unorganized S/M army into an AUSIA superpower which entered CPAC Top 10 for the first time in 2014 and stay put in that position for 5 weeks in a row. He led SP to #7 on the CPAC Top ten, a record that would not be broken for a long time. He formed the UDRSP and formed it’s Constitution. He also formed the SPRF (recruiting force) and introduced recruiting techniques in SP.


[Former Leader and PoG]

[2013-2014, 2016, 2021]

Astro is a devoted leader of SP. He joined SP in the first generation as a member and ranked up, reaching the leader rank. He led the 5th generation along Superhero123 and managed to bring SP along with him to 5th CPAC, the best position SP ever had. His loyalty and leading skills will make him never be forgotten. He is considered one of the best SP Leaders ever.





Sing as King














  1. can be i in lenged ? i am Beth and i am ravenwing

  2. I remember when I was actually a legend in this army. Y’ALL FORGOT ABOUT ME!

    Either that, or my memory isn’t the best.

  3. How am i not a legend ~Zarpa

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