Alert Codes

Alert Codes are implemented for the troops to know about he condition of the UDRSP and it’s territories and relations.



Green : No worries, condition of the UDRSP stable

Yellow : Trouble among ranks, misconduct

Orange : No organization, troops causing havoc and riots

Red : Inactive leader, government crippled

Black : UDRSP is defenceless



Green : All clear

Yellow : Enemy threat, potential war

Orange : War engaged with one army, enemy invading

Red : War engaged with multiple armies, state of emergency

Black : World war, borders shut down



 >Defcon 6 : All clear <

Defcon 5 : Small infiltrations, and exchange of gunfire across borders

Defcon 4 : Borders breached, multiple raids

Defcon 3 : Barricades destroyed, major bastions invaded and captured

Defcon 2 : Major battles, state of emergency

Defcon 1 : Server surrendered, no defence possible


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