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Water Vikings

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Secret Service

Army of Club Penguin

Golden Troops/Post Malone Army




5⭐ – Brother Ally

4⭐ – Ally

3⭐ – Neutral (every army not included in this list is considered neutral)

2⭐ – Enemy

1⭐ – Archenemy


  1. Lets be brother allies @navyofcp

  2. Can u add Magical Squad of Cp to ur allies section?

  3. Vivek plz join our army ! Magical Squad of cp!

  4. Can you add CP Terrorists to your allies page?

  5. Plz add Magical Squad as Allies Vivek.

  6. Isnt DK a bro ally? -.-

  7. hi

  8. Mega Beasts would like to be allies. When can we meet to discuss this?

  9. Hello soldiers,I am Steve here.As we had a war with RPA (Royal Penguin Alliance) we captured there server Pineneedle with the following 3 places Town,Snow forts and Berg and we won in the invasion also.So,we have added RP to our colonies too impressing right?Now,I am very surprised with SP to fight with PR (Purple Republic) so we have to make our muscles stronger to fight with them so be tuned with SP (Smart Penguins)!

  10. what up this is DJ3d1 but my friends call me DJ im in PBK IW and ACP we would like to ask would like to be an alie of 2 army since PBK is ACP’s enemy stay out of PBK just be an alie if you want so its either ice warriors the good army that nice helps army’s and gives tips and ACP which as good as IW or PBK pure blooded killers the evil yet sometimes nice army its either ice warriors together with ACP or just PBK come to the ice warriors chat and come reply see you soon friend 🙂 DJ out

  11. i left something out im not a leader and a owner just a corparal in 1 army and a soon to be mod in the other peace have a good day:):):):):)

  12. We can add everyone in our allies just come to xat.com/TheSP_Army and talk to Super or me.

    ~Parth Leader/Ausia Leader

  13. The Dark Knight Empire requests allies on a former friend. Please do not let us down. 🙂

  14. We Will Decide It and Reply Thank You

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