Beginner’s Guide


Are you new to CP Armies? Then this is the place to be! On this page, we’ll teach you the basics of CP Armies and what you should know when you’re in them! 



Tactics, I’m sure you’ve heard of that word before. When you are at an event, the leaders will give orders like “FORM A LINE UNDER ME” or “CIRCLE THE BERG”. These are called formations, there are many different types of formations, some of which have been illustrated below.

Line: Lines are pretty basic and we will usually start with these and use them frequently. These lines can be vertical ( ↑ ), horizontal ( → ) or even diagonal (/ ). There is also an L-formation and X-formation which requires multiple lines. L-formation is is the one given below.

Circle: The Circle formation involves circling around the edges of the room in which we are in. So when the leaders say “CIRCLE THE ROOM” on chat, you simply form a circle with other people around the room.

Scatter: Scattering is when you pick a spot in the room and you sit there without touching anyone else.

Pile or Stack: A stack is when the troops pile up on each other in a corner of the room. Stacks are used to preparing for a waterfall (moving up and down with a tactic) or rake (moving left and right with a tactic).

But you won’t always be staying still, there are some things that we do which involve us running around the room!

BOMB: A bomb is when a leader says “BOMB THE ROOM WITH SMILEY FACES (E+1)” or “BOMB THE BLUE PENGUINS” and you run around the room doing the smiley face emote.

The chart below shows the different emote tactics we do on CP.

So, if we put a formation and an emote together we get a good tactic. Here are a few more example orders –

“BOMB THE ENEMY WITH E+9″ || This means that we bomb whoever we are facing with angry face emotes!

“DO E+P IN LINE NOW” || This means you do Puffle emotes without moving from your position!

“J BOMB THE ROOM!” || This means that you keep tapping the key “J” while running around the room!


So now that you know about tactics, let’s move on.

[♦] RANKS || DISCORD [♦]

Just like tactics, you may already know a bit about ranks. Ranks are just like levels. Look at it like this, imagine the set of ranks is a ladder and each step on the ladder is a rank. If you’re active and loyal, you will get promotions– these are like a step up on the ladder. Ranks are important and they come even more useful when you are on a discord server. Discord servers are where armies communicate, each army will have a chat room where all of the troops of that army hang out and do events!

If you are completely new to CP Armies, you will most likely start as a low member (Private) and then graduate from your rank to higher ranks like Major and Captain. Following this, if you are active and loyal, you become a moderator. There are 4 moderator ranks in SP. If you are recognized as a future leader by the leaders, you will receive an owner rank if you are active and capable enough. There are 2 owner ranks in SP. The leaders of SP get the main owner rank because they need to control and modify the discord server.


[♦] NEWS SITES [♦]

There are a few other interesting things you may want to know. First of all, there are CP Army news sites. Yep, that’s right! Just like CNN or BBC! The main news sites include CPAHQ [Club Penguin Army Headquarters] and CPAN [Club Penguin Army Network]. These news sites compile “Top Tens” in which they list and describe the best armies of the week. Smart Penguins are a popular contender for medium and sometimes, major army Top 10s.

To visit CPAHQ click here.

To visit CPAN click here. 


See you on the battlefield! Don’t forget our motto!

Smartness to the victory!

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