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[EU] Challengers Cup Round 2

Good Morning,

Today we logged on for an event( who knew) and this time it was not an invasion( surprise) but it was the Challengers Cup( even though I don’t see what’s Challenging as Ice Warriors are not in it.) We sadly lost today( because DF44 is on holiday at a foggy and raining beach) but we tried our best by performing tactics and formations( the two things CPR mods hate us for). We maxed 9 crewmates and 1 imposter( find out whos the imposter in the next post I write( if i ever do)).

MAX: 10

My amazing editing if you want to hire me to photoshop dm me Da Best#6362

Read more for more unedited pictures if you want or if you are here for the top ten

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[US] Challengers Cup Round 1

Good Evening,

After being rudely awoken from my cave I am here to announce the amazing results of the Challengers Cup. According to my sources, we apparently logged on for a tournament but the other team did not show up. It was an unfortunate battle but the good side of this entire thing is that we got to throw some weird balls made of snow at the random judge who logged on. We maxed 12 robots human creatures.

MAX: 12

Read more for pictures!

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[AUSIA] Training

Good Afternoon,

Today we logged onto Ascent for a quick training session. We did some interesting and fun tactics whilst being in some normal formations. We maxed a healthy number of 9 living things.

Max: 10


~Da Best, SP Third In Command

[EU] Invasion of North Beret

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,


Today marked our second invasion of Golden Troops resulting in a success. We invaded North Beret with a 3-0-0 win with about a 10 troop difference. Special thanks to Da Best, LEGOMAN and Guncotton for VC leading and Ivy, Guncotton and Superhero for leading tactics.


WAR SCORE 2W / 0T / 0L


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[EU] Colorful Practice Battle Against Ice Warriors

Hey SP!

Today, we logged onto Abominable, CPR for an EU practice battle against the Ice Warriors. We performed many tactics, bombs and formations across the Berg, Mine and Dojo, whilst going against Ice Warriors’ 3 divisions, the Purple, the Yellow and the Green. Special thanks to df44, Superhero123, Ivy, Da Best and BelĂ©n for taking event pictures. Thanks to everyone who attended.

Max: 14

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[EU] Invasion of Beanie

Hey everyone!

Today, we logged onto Ascent, CPR for an EU invasion of Beanie. We performed many tactics, bombs, and formations to help us get better for future wars ahead. The event was led by Superhero and Da Best. We thank IceQueen for judging this event and everyone who came to help us extend our land by adding another server to it.

Max 16

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