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[AUSIA] Invasion of Arctic Zero

Greetings SP,

Today we had the first battle of our war against the Golden Troops. We invaded Arctic Zero, and had an easy 3-0 victory with an about 10 troop advantage! It was the best AUSIA event of this generation so far and I am really proud of you all!

WAR SCORE: 1W / 0T / 0L

MAX: 16

Read more for pictures!

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[AUSIA] The Grand Return [26/06/21]

Hello Smart Penguins,

After almost 5 years of wait, we officially returned today to the army community! Our first event was on the CPPS, in the server Ascent. It was led by myself and df44. I would like to thank everyone who attended because the beginning of a generation is rather difficult, and thanks to you this revival was a great success!

MAX: 16

Read more for pictures (special thanks to Sidie9, Kyle, Sanya and Comedy)!

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UPDATE: Due to reasons having to do with our preparation for this year’s Legends Cup, Smart Penguins will be returning 1 week earlier than originally scheduled! The new return date is Saturday, June 26th. See you all there!

Spread the word around,
Guess who’s back in town


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SP History is Complete – New Discord Server

Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing great. I am writing this post to inform everyone that the whole SP History is finally added in the history page, including a personal writer’s note from me. Also, a new Discord Server is made for the people that were in the SP army, as well as friends of SP that never actually joined.

The link is:

Hope to see you there!


[UK] Last SP Event – Superhero’s Retirement Event Results [27/03/2017]

Hello SP,

Today the final event of SP and the final event of myself, Superhero123, took place. It was really fun! The best way to end a legacy.

MAX: 17



SP First Event



Read more for pictures!

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The End Of The Journey

Hello everyone who happens to read this post,

I am Superhero123, a member of the Club Penguin Army community since 2012. I have led various armies, mostly Small-Medium ones, but I am mostly known for my key role in the history of the Smart Penguins army, in which’s website I decided to post this on. After all those years, due to CP closing down in March 29th, I, Superhero123, officially announce my retirement from CP Armies and Club Penguin in general. I am never returning on xat either. For more information about this decision, my CP career, and for the thank-you to all my friends in this journey, click read more.

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The Return Will Come

Hello SP,

I am writing this to inform everyone that SP WILL return one day, and that will be in less than a year. I also want to state that till then the only ones who have the right to give permission to someone to revive SP are Vivek, Astro, Dinesh and myself. Every generation made without proof of any of those legends agreeing is false and unofficial. Finally, I want to state that the next generation of SP will be my last one in armies, and that after it I wont be coming on xat at all and neither checking SP site and CPA news sites. I will disappear once it ends once and forever.

Smartness Will Be Victorius once again and it wont be in a long time.

~Superhero123, SP Legend

Temp Retirement of Superhero123

Hello SP,

I decided to cancel my retirement event due to the fact that I am not leaving forever. I will return to SP one day f0r sure. It will be in a period of 3+ months though. I leave the selection of the new leader(s) and the future of SP to the hand of Astro75114.

For the last time for a while,

Superhero123, SP Leader and Legend

MaximeT9 (aka Toxic)’s Retirement

Note: The following text are written by Maxime I just post because he doesn’t have site access.

Hey Smart Penguins,

I am your former 3ic and current 4ic (because of inactivity) Toxic (aka maxime t9). If you are not an sp mod\owner, you are not obligated to read this post. Thanks:)


I am writing this post to announce my retirement. I had a lot of dreams with that army. I did my best. I spent time, money, and most importantly, faith. I was also involved in some secret stuff with super, but this failed because my laptop wasn’t working, and I accidentally dropped my phone in the sea , so I had to buy a new one, which delayed for like 1 month. If I ever have time to be back in the army, I will without any further thinking.

Smartness to the Victory!


War with Golds and SA Ends

Hello SP,

The war with Golds and Security Army was being pointless due to each army invading the other in divisions they hadn’t developed. We decided to end is at a tie. Here is the treaty:


Notice: The Mighty Ducks will cancel their invasions soon as well, due to them being colony of our ally ACP. No need to defend anything today.

~Superhero123, SP Leader and Legend