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From my first day for Smart Penguins to the last day, I saw many heart breaks or ups and downs. I remained strong this whole period but I couldn’t stop myself from getting emotional today. It all happened suddenly I just came to xat after a long break and I heard that Super and SP are going to perform there last event. This made my heart break and made me cry inside.

I met so many friends and made many brother’s, besties etc. This outlined my career and helped me remain strong. My jouney in SP helped me gain experience and gave me confidence to lead other armies and perform different activities. I got many offers by Super asking to lead this army but I rejected because my primary army was Rebel Penguin Federation. He got angry from me but I made him understand and we became brothers for life. 

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New 3ic

Hi Fellow Soldiers,

I am your new 3rd in Command Nikunj67 and I replaced Awesomeguy64, another one of the great 3rd in Commands in SP who recently retired due to some issues. I will make sure SP rises to new heights with my diplomatic skills and with the training I received as a moderator.