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Madhav 2 retirement

Hey SP,

Its been awesome month and a half for me being in SP. I really felt like I fitted in this army. So many awesome battles and more. This most likely won’t be my final retirement but I’m not coming back anytime soon. I will try to visit sometimes too.

I wish SP best of luck and stay smart!


~Madhav2 🙂

Dark Warriors war over

UPDATE: war is over. beelow is the treaty.

UPDATE: War with Gigi Hadid ends.

Hey SP,

So I got told that the Dark Warriors, an army that I respect and my first ever army declared war on us. Tomorrow they will be targeting our capital Ice Breaker. To me this is sad news because I was planning to retire because my school is starting up so I don’t know. Dark Warriors are just hungry for our servers but don’t underestimate our Ausia. Anyways, here is the defense timings.


Anti-Aggression Pact with ACP

Hey SP

So RPF asked us to betray our allies the ACP  but we’re not gonna and to prove this, we have signed an anti/non-aggression pact with them to prove our trust for each other. Here is the treaty:


P.S. War is coming soon so get ready SP!!!

-Madhav 2


Hey SP!

So today SP with help from some allies defended Antarctic and Saints were no show like we expected. Also during the event, SP Creator and legend Vivek came on and said hi. This event was led by me alone.

MAX: 12

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Hey SP,

So this army called “Saints” have started invading us but we won’t let that happen as we are gonna defend our servers with pride and joy. They have no servers on the world map and for some reason they want to take ours.  Personally, I want to see the world map to get reset to prove who the real champion is. But anyway, here are the defenses :

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Active Count

Hello SP,

I know this army has tons and tons of potential to be top 5 on the CPA Central top ten so I have decided to see which troops (especially owners) are really active. Of course big decisions aren’t up to me but I expect to see everyone in this army to comment on this post! 😀 I am PST so our leaders aren’t really on when I’m allowed on for a major amount of time but I definitely can come to EU events. So this is what you should fill out in the comments:



Location/time zone:

On a scale of 1-10 how active you are:


That is all for now and keep being smart!

Madhav 2

Sorry about my inactivity

Hey guys,

My name is Madhav 2 and you might know me as your US leader. I still have a lot to prove before I officially get leader here but I just wanted to tell you all that I’ll be super active very soon. There has been a lot going on in my house recently but it’ll soon end and that will be the start of my activeness.

For now, I would like to congratulate all of SP on 6th in CPAC and it is a huge accomplishment and lets keep it up!!!

-Madhav 2