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New US Leader: Jack Frenzy

Hello troops,

You all may know that our US division has been lacking a good, experienced, long-lasting US leader since long. There have been many trials, and best of them has been Tompenguin6. This time around, I believe that Jack Frenzy (Nicjackson88) our new US leader will turn things around. Now, let’s show him some support and hope that our US division flourishes!



Record 7th on CPA Central Top 10!

Now, I did not expect this, but SP is 7th on the CPAC Top 10! I was actually thinking we’d drop out of the Top 10, but we gained one position to the earn the best ever placement in the Top 10! Well done!


Let’s not be complacent, SP, we can still improve and be more active! Also, please note that you must read the site and be on chat even though there isn’t an event on that particular day!

Victory over RPF in Practice Battle!

Hello troops,

Today SP had a practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation at 5:30 pm IST on our ally’s capital Tuxedo [1 bar]. We won it! Also, I want to tell y’all that I am back to lead SP! Crown log and ranks are being restored! Event was led by Vivek, Astro75114, Fix and me!

Our tactics were good enough and size was around 14Β throughout the battle.

We Won


Click ‘read more’ to see the pics!

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Scheduled AUSIA Training on Icebreaker!

Hello everyone,

Today, SP had an Scheduled AUSIA event at 7:30 pm IST on our capital Icebreaker [1 bar]. The event was led by Vivek, Flamearies, our 3rd in command, Justinfortsa, our 4th in command and me. We maxed 20 troops on CP, and our AUSIA is truly back!

Thanks to Flame for the pictures. Click “read more” to see them.

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If you have been seeing the SP sidebar lately, we have finally reached 20,000 views for our new site, along with around 10,000 views with our old site! Good job!

Scheduled UK event!

Hello troops,

Today, we had an Scheduled UK event at early times. Event was held on our capital Icebreaker [1 bar], and was led by Vivek, Awesomeguy64, our 4ic, Flamearies, and me. We maxed 15 troops on CP. It was a good event, and I hope we keep these sizes throughout this week.

Formation of the Day:


Click “read more” for pics ..

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Draw vs Nachos

Hello troops,

Today, as per the schedule, we had a quick Practice battle against the Nachos on server Thermal [1 bar]. We maxed 10 troops, but our tactics were ruined by the Light Troops’ raid on the event, hence significant pics could not be taken.

Anyway, make sure that you attend the CPAC Spring Smackdown qualifier tomorrow. There is an SMAC tourney quarterfinal too, but we have decided to boycott it because the timings came too late to prepare and they were then swapped without asking our leaders.

Waddle On,


Amazing Late AUSIA Event! [17/4/14]

Hello troops,

Today, we had a slightly late AUSIA event in which we maxed 21 troops! We are truly rising through our Operation: Revival! The event was led by Vivek, Chippy, Super, Tom and me, and the tactics were well-aced too. Good job! 6 Crowns to those who attended!

Event was held at 7:30 pm IST on server Marshmallow [1 bar].


Click “read more” for the pictures.

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Warning to SWAT Leaders

This is a warning to all the SWAT leaders, and especiallyΒ Lights717 and Ben.

Stop scheduling invasions on UDRSP servers right now, or face our wrath. There is plenty of free land, and you don’t need to disrupt the cordial relations between us to increase your nation. STOP.

DEFCON 5 enabled.


AUSIA Event of 15/4/14

Hello guys,

As you know, we had an OPERATION: REVIVAL AUSIA event at our capital Icebreaker [1 bar] today at 7 pm IST. The event was led by Vivek, Chippy and me and we got 16 troops on CP. Stay tuned for lots of events this week! Click “read more” to see the pics!

Our resurgence is becoming successful, keep it up! Also, try to be on during events, even though many of you have exams going on.

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