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‘The First Post’


Respected leaders and soldiers,

Hello, I am a new author! I am from India. I am going to tell the whole story from how I became a member till an author.One of the soldiers recruited me and brought me to the Smart Penguins. I though I should join this army, then I saw that there was an event going on, so Vivek told me to log on to Club Penguin. Then he said “Do you want to join SP” and I said “Yes”. After that, 5 days passed and I was immediately promoted to Lieutenant. Afterwards the crowns system came which was introduced by Andy. After 3 days, I got 36 crowns immediately, then after 4 to 10 days I got 42 crowns and then my journey began till the rank of Major. After half a month I got a promotion to Major. then I attended almost 10 to 20 events after a month I got a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel by gaining 72 crowns. After so many days of hard work, I was not getting any crowns because Andy was on a leave. Then after some days Vivek said that,”3ic promotions are available”, so then I thought that I can get this 3rd in command. Vivek said,”You should register for a 3ic promotion, I have an WordPress account that is too much old and I can give that to you” then I was thinking “OMG so cool, I became a Third In Command!”. Today Andy was private-chatting me, he said “I am too much tired nowadays, give me your WordPress name I said,”I don’t have a Word Press account” and Andy said “Oh, I thought that I could make you an author”. Then I thought ”Oh ok, I can be an author” then he made me a WordPress account. And now today I am making this post! 😀


Steve Francis,

SP 3rd in command