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Mandatory Event – Grand Opening

Hey Smart Penguins! It’s been long since I last posted here. I’m your AUSIA Leader, Abhinav. As we all know, Smart Penguins are opening on Monday, the 22nd of September. To mark our opening, we will celebrate the grand opening of the Smart Penguins!

Everybody must attend the event!

Grand Opening Celebration

Mandatory Event

Server: Ice Breaker (Our Capital)


9:00 AM EST

9:00 PM AWST

6:00 PM IST

11:00 PM AEST

10:00 PM JST

2:00 PM GMT

6:00 AM PST

7:00 AM MST

8:00 AM CST

💡 Smartness To The Victory! 💡

Last Event Got 20!!

Hello troops, this is me, Abhinav54321, SP 3IC  rank, and a bit kinda excited to make my first post in the SP.

Well, this post is about the event we had last evening, on 2nd December, 2013, It was a great event, as we maxed 20 and averaged around 18. This was a great honour for us and everyone was also cooperative and much responding. As Rishron made the last post, he had no pics, sorry about that, so I had to re-publish this post. In accordance to the event, it was a great event, and here are the pics you can see them by clicking Read More:-

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