ICE BREAKER, Smart Penguins Capital – Today is the day, today is the day it all comes to an end. When I decided to revive the Smart Penguins, with the permission of SP Legends, Superhero123, and Guncotton (Astro), I never thought we would accomplish what we accomplished in this generation.

Today, we logged on to Marshmallow, CPR, for the last event of the sixth generation. We performed tactics across the Iceberg, Docks, and Town. A total of 14 penguins showed up and waved goodbye to this generation and my leadership of it. Thank you to everyone that showed up and helped. Also, thank you to Da Best and Electrumm for VC transcribing this event.


End of a Chapter

During the past months, the Smart Penguins participated in a war, two tournaments, and several battles, achieving consistent maxes. That couldn’t be achieved without any of our members, staff and allies. SP proved itself as SM powerhouse and that fills me up with pride. I never led an army before, I left the Water Vikings as a Third in Command, and moving on to lead the Smart Penguins is a decision I will never regret. I joined for the fun and I had a blast. The results of this generation are visible, to the point that we even got nominated for summer awards as Best SM Army, Best New Army, Best SM Leaders (me and Super) and Best SM HCOM (Da Best).

However, all good things have a right timing, and that is why this generation is ending. I felt that after everything we achieved it was a perfect time to leave things as they are and not forcing this generation to fall during September drop, either by lack of staff or lack of motivation.

I can’t predict if the Smart Penguins are ever coming back but if we do we will rise up once again as a phoenix and prove once more that the IQ needs to be feared.

As far as it concerns me, I’m not leaving the army community yet, I will keep my duties as a Head Judge, Reporter and Moderator for other army related servers, and keep pursuing my personal goals.


As I said, any of this wouldn’t be achieved without the help of everyone but there are some people that deserve particular recognition for all the help:

Superhero123 – For always believing in my ability to lead SP, and being an amazing co-leader

Guncotton – For teaching me a lot on how to run an army

Vivek – For all your help and hype after years of retirement

Snork – For deciding to join us in early stage of rebuilding

Ivy – For all your commitment in SP, with hours of recruiting and leading several events

Da Best – For your unforgettable VC transcriptions during events and HCOM work

Amber – For believing in me since day one, helping me and guiding me on how to run an army

Sidie and all PIC leaders – For an incredible alliance and for joining our idea of war

Aaron, Revan and all WV staff – For all the help during war times

Max, Cubster, CSY and ACP staff – For believing in SP and helping out whenever it was possible

Xing and TCP members – For all the help during the late stages of our war

Sora, BeaR, Pink Slime and all ranked members – For joining SP and help us build it almost from scratch

Thank you!


So, for a last time in this generation I sign off as the Commander of this incredible army,


~df44, SP Commander In Chief & Medal of Honor

About df44

df44 (Penuin100 in-game), SE Leader; CPAHQ Head Judge, Moderator, and Reporter; CPAN Judge; WV Advisor. Former WV HCOM, Former SP Commander-In-Chief & Medal of Honor.

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