Lockdown Declaration and Generation Recap

Addressed to the U.D.R.S.P and army community,

On behalf of the Leadership and Higher Command of the Smart Penguins, I declare a lockdown for an indefinite period of time.

Dated August 20th, 2021

Following our ceasefire in our war against the Golden Troops, which ended with our victorious score of 6-0-3 (W/T/L), we decided to enter a lockdown period, since SP Legend Superhero123 retired and I am on a break, leaving SP leaderless. During this time, SP will focus on finding staff and rebuilding the community, allowing us to return stronger. So far, this is not to be considered the end of the generation.

The current sixth generation is already a generation with three incredible months, filled with achievements that will be highlighted in the recap below.


Commanders-in-chief: df44, Superhero123

[♣]June 2021[♣]

The return of the Smart Penguins to the community was announced on the 5th of June, planning to host the reopening event on the 3rd of July. However, due to Legends Cup preparation, the reopening event took place on the 26th of June with a max of 16 penguins online.

[♣]July 2021[♣]

This month started off with a historical dance contest event that reached our biggest max of 22 penguins online. Then we started our pursue of Freeland in the CPA map. We also hosted our first battles preparing ourselves for the biggest event of the month, Legends Cup XI. There we faced the Water Vikings in round one and although we didn’t win, we managed to have a great max of 20 penguins. We ended the month with a declaration of war on the Golden Troops and the first two war invasions.

[♣]August 2021[♣]

We entered the month of August in a state of war and placing 7th on the first top ten armies. We continued our war efforts and peaked at a max of 19 penguins in one defense, making it the biggest max this month. After that, we called on a ceasefire to participate in Challengers Cup II, where we faced Elite Federals, winning and moving forward to round two where we lost against the Fire Warriors in a close battle. Following the ending of our participation in CC II, we signed a treaty with Golden Troops ending our war with a victorious score of 6-0-3 (W/T/L).

SP Empire today before lockdown.

This concludes the highlights of the sixth generation so far, with three months full of incredible events.

I’d like to thank our closest allies, the People’s Imperial Confederation, for all the help and amazing relationship, to the Water Vikings and Army of Club Penguin, for their war support, and, to the Silver Empire, for receiving today half of our servers and being an important diplomatic partner even without an alliance. Therefore, I also award the new Comrade Medal to our advisors Amber (SE Commander) and Sidie9 (PIC Creator). Unlike the Medal of Honour (awarded by the Panel of Godfathers to notable SP members), this new medal shall be awarded by the SP Commander-in-chief to people who even not being ranked in SP, made true and loyal efforts to help the army so that people keep fearing the IQ!


~df44, SP Commander In Chief

About df44

df44 (Penuin100 in-game), SE Leader; CPAHQ Head Judge, Moderator, and Reporter; CPAN Judge; WV Advisor. Former WV HCOM, Former SP Commander-In-Chief & Medal of Honor.

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