[EU] Challengers Cup Round 2

Good Morning,

Today we logged on for an event( who knew) and this time it was not an invasion( surprise) but it was the Challengers Cup( even though I don’t see what’s Challenging as Ice Warriors are not in it.) We sadly lost today( because DF44 is on holiday at a foggy and raining beach) but we tried our best by performing tactics and formations( the two things CPR mods hate us for). We maxed 9 crewmates and 1 imposter( find out whos the imposter in the next post I write( if i ever do)).

MAX: 10

My amazing editing if you want to hire me to photoshop dm me Da Best#6362

Read more for more unedited pictures if you want or if you are here for the top ten

Hope you enjoyed reading that post. Keep watch or else the imposter could kill you.

Fear the only thing we care about The IQ

Da Best

~SP Third In Command

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