UPDATE: Due to reasons having to do with our preparation for this year’s Legends Cup, Smart Penguins will be returning 1 week earlier than originally scheduled! The new return date is Saturday, June 26th. See you all there!

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Greetings to all Smart Penguins Veterans, current and old CPA community members and everyone who happens to come across this post!

I am more than excited to announce that the legendary Smart Penguins army, the AUSIA stronghold who has given plenty of historic major armies a run for their money, is returning for it’s sixth generation in 3rd of July, 2021! For those of you who aren’t aware, Club Penguin armies managed to keep going strong even after the game’s shutdown by transitioning to Club Penguin Private Servers run by hobbyists (for example Club Penguin Rewritten).

Most of the historic major armies have made such a transition. Following four years since the SP‘s closure and after rejecting many offers from people who wanted to revive this army, myself and Astro75114 (now known as Guncotton) recently received such an offer from someone we fully trust. We were optimistic that this individual could make great work in this army and respect it’s legacy, and so we gave him permission.

Please welcome the new leader of the Smart Penguins, df44! He is a Water Vikings Third-in-Command who has shown great potential to become one of the greatest leaders of future armies. He is widely respected by the current army community as well! I ask every SP veteran to support df44 in his attempt to bringing this army back to it’s former glory. Both myself and Astro will be assisting df44 during his reign, and I personally attempt to co-lead with him for the initial weeks of the reopening. Without further udo, here are the details for the reopening event:


Date: Saturday, 26th of June 2021

Time: 2 pm UK | 3 pm CET | 9 am EST | 8 am CST | 6:30 pm IST


Server: Ascent

You can make an account on Club Penguin Rewritten via this link:

Make sure to join the Smart Penguins official Discord server, which we will be using instead of xat, by clicking here.

We are looking for veterans to take high command spots and assist the new generation!

See you all there!

~Superhero123, Smart Penguins Legend

~Astro75114 (Guncotton), Smart Penguins Legend

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