The End of The Last Ride

Hello SP and anyone who might be reading this.

Some of you may know me, many of you may don’t.I’m Astro, and you might know me for leading this legendary and glorious army.As you might know, we are done with the last events and they ended up to be quite successful, it’s the time for SP to shut down and the time for my final retirement.

It has been quite an awesome and fun ride, but now I guess it’s the time for the end of this journey following the death of the Real Club Penguin Armies.

After staying in this army for over 3 and a half years, I’ve achieved a lot, a few of which are joining as low member and ending up as leader one day.The most important achievement I’ve had in this army and community as a whole is meeting a bunch of awesome people, who later on became really good friends of mine.After the end of the last generation of SP, I was pretty frustrated with the community because of all the multilogging scandals and all armies accusing each other of cheating.But now that this community is closing down forever, I realize the importance of it in my life and I am still remembering all the fun times I’ve had in this.

Read on to know about me and my experience

It all started in 2012, when I was locked up in a dark room with a laptop and an internet connection, I was surfing up on the internet and found a game called : Club Penguin.I made an account on the same day, and found out about Club Penguin armies a month later, when I saw some orange and red colored penguins asking people to join their army.I followed their instructions, and joined the Nachos in the November of 2012.Even though I couldn’t attend most of the events because the majority of them being at around 1 in the night for my time, I did attend a few AUSIA events and it was really fun.Then I left the army till July of 2013, and returned to join the Nachos again.This time, I reached the rank of Corporal, but I got bored because of all the events being in late night and not many people being active during AUSIA times.

My Last Nacho Event

After a few days, I got a PC from a guy named Popcorny5555, who recruited me to his new army called Green Mercenaries in September of 2013.I got the rank of Moderator due to me being in the AUSIA division, and I quickly got promoted to the AUSIA leader because of my loyalty towards that army.On 19th September, 2013, Popcorny introduced me to a person, the leader of the new formed army, Smarty Penguins, and his name was Vivek, who later because a well known figure in the Small-Medium army community for his leading skills and for making an AUSIA Superpower.

I joined Smarty Penguins, as the lowest member, but I quickly got promoted to the highest moderator due to me attending a lot of events.At this time, I was having a lot of fun in the army because of the event times being AUSIA, which means I could attend them without staying up late in the night.I quickly earned a name in the army, and almost at the same time, I got in the Hall Of Fame of the Green Mercenaries.It was a HUGE achievement for me.

The original writing in the HoF

My First event in SP (The second event of this army)

In a time of less than a month, we started maxing great sizes of 14-18 and we kept growing.I made a lot of friends in the army, with a majority of them being in the same country as mine.The only leader who wasn’t Indian that time was Superhero123, a person whom I didn’t talk much to.Never had I known that I would create a brother-bonding with this person, and lead the very same army with this person.

In the October of 2013, I made my very first army, the CP DJ Army, who later became one of the best AUSIA armies along with SP in 2016.We had 2 separate generations in that army, but closed down due to the leaders being busy with school.

After the closure of SP in 2014, I left CPA because of no such AUSIA army.I returned after a few months, and I got the opportunity to become leader in several armies such as Cabin Defenders, Chaos, Dark Knights, Celts and many more.

I decided to return yet again in the beginning of 2016, to lead the Green Mercenaries, with my friends Superhero, Samsungy and Popcorny.I was promoted to AUSIA leader, and I tried to do my best in that army.After 3 months of me joining, the army merged into the Water Vikings, but I decided not to join it because I had other plans in my mind.Smart Penguins was revived and I was appointed the leader alongside Wenny3 and Superhero123.But Wenny Soon left the army because of him being exposed for a multilogging scandal.I lead the army alongside Superhero123 for over 6 months, and with both of being the only leaders at that point, we became best friends on xat.

Around this time, I received invitations for leading many major armies, for instance, the AUSIA leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation, which I had to decline because of my hunger for leading Smart Penguins and getting it into the Top 5 of CPA Central.

Around this time, I revived the DJ Army and lead it with my irl friend, Abhirocks3, and we lead it to great heights such as 4th on CPA Central.It was a great achievement for us.

In the August of 2016, Superhero123 and Darx, the leaders of SP alongside me that time were getting busy and decided to retire from the army, leaving me the only leader.The September of 2016 was a very important month for SP, because it was the only month till date where a single leader had lead the army.I tried my best and kept the army alive for 2 months, but then I had to shut down the army due to troops losing interest in the game.In these two months, I made SP bag the 4th position in Club Penguin Army Central, the best position SP has ever had.This was a really great achievement for me and SP.

After the closure of SP, I lead an army named Tiger Warriors for a week, and helped them greatly to reach their CPAC tribute.I got a legend status in that army 😛

Tiger Warriors

In the January of 2017, I received an E-mail from Super, who told me about the closure of Club Penguin, which meant the end of CP Armies.We quickly decided to get SP back for a last event, which has been done today and it went awesome.

Now that the last event has been done, I’m deciding to never return to xat, but these 4 years I’ve spent on xat have been the best,Who knew that I would get so much out of the times I spent in a locked room and the time I spent to get away from my problems irl.

I’ve had a lot of good memories and many bad memories too.For instance, the best memories I’ve had are talking trash with Super and leading some really awesome events, and the worst memories being called a ‘Schizophrenic Motherless cunt’.I don’t really care of what I’m called by such people, because I know I’ve had a lot of fun in this community.And I decided to write this post on this army rather my own army because this army has been my favorite ever since I’ve joined this, and I’ve had my best memories and made a lot of friends in this army.I would like to thank a few people who made my journey so awesome.


He is literally one of the best person I’ve ever seen.A really talented leader and a ‘nerd’ xD.I’ve had some truly great moments with this person, and I would like to thank him for trusting me a lot, and showing me the right path to be a good leader.It was an honor to lead SP and GMA with you dude.I would really love to meet you irl.Stay awesome and good luck in life.


The creator of my favorite army, and one of the best leaders I’ve ever seen.I have never seen a really humble, yet powerful leader in my entire life.Now that you’ve completed your 12th, good luck with life and if I get a chance, I would love to meet you in real life.Thanks for everything you have ever done for me.


Even though I didn’t get along with you earlier, I finally see how much of an awesome person you are.You are a great leader, and I really like your ‘I don’t care attitude’.Thanks for everything dude, you are a great person.Good luck in life.


The person who recruited me to this wonderful community outside Nachos, and I really thank you for the time you’ve had with me in GMA.Thank you for giving me the AUSIA leader of GMA and for helping me become a better person.Good luck in life.


The person who transformed into a mature person in the shortest time :P.I had a lot of fun leading GMa with you.You are a great person, and one of the best reporters I’ve ever seen.Thank you for helping me in GMA and SMAC.Good luck in life.


A person whom I recruited from the Free Penguin chat, who quickly got the rank of Owner because of her loyalty.One of the best person I’ve ever seen.A great friend of mine.Good luck in life, and good luck with the boys and badminton 😛


I know that you hate me for the thing I did in the Dark Knights, but I decided to mention you in this post to apologize for what I did.You were a great guy and a great leader.I’m seriously sorry for tarnishing your army’s name.Good luck in life.


Living proof that an Indian and a Pakistani can be great friends :P.You are one of the most awesome person I’ve ever seen.Thank you for being a great friend, and thank you for supporting me everytime.Thanks for calling me cute, a word I had never heard in my entire life :P.Good luck in life, and I’ll miss you a lot


Even though I’ve known you for just 7-8 months or so, you are one of the best person I’ve ever seen.You are funny, at times xD.It was an honor to lead SP with you.I’ll miss you.

Honorable mentions

  • Nikunj67
  • Healthym3
  • Vishal
  • Jay
  • Koko
  • Burberry
  • Cheedu
  • Rambo
  • Peter
  • Heross of CP
  • Wugsy
  • Tintintani
  • Abhirocks3
  • Xman22
  • Van
  • Earthing
  • DJ Dan
  • Apple
  • Panda
  • Puckley
  • Akshay
  • AwesomeGuy
  • BobRules
  • Shad
  • Jawjaw
  • Snickers
  • Dia
  • Jesal
  • Apple
  • Dwain
  • Ding
  • Flameaeries
  • Skull
  • Epic Master
  • Cubcola
  • AliciaBellaParker
  • StarMeJewel
  • Archie
  • Minh
  • PizzaSteve
  • Jimmy tts 2
  • Andy
  • Domo
  • Dunno
  • Jedi
  • Videogames
  • Flubpboi
  • Jack
  • Paul
  • Fear
  • WorldWWE
  • Chip
  • RedSlime
  • Roggy
  • Clyde
  • Abhinav
  • Void
  • Rishron
  • Security
  • Kay
  • Kyle
  • 13yearoldnoob
  • Pengo
  • Tina
  • Maggie
  • Harry
  • SaintChicken
  • Alien

I know that I’ve missed out a lot of people, so please mention your name in the comments.

I can’t believe that I won’t be meeting anyone ever again.

And here, my time has come.I would certainly miss everyone in this community.Thank you everyone, for helping me become a better person and a better leader.I would really like to meet you guys again one day.

Signing off for the last time, 

Astro75114, Former Smart Penguins leader and Legend

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  1. I will miss you dude! Good luck in whatever you do in life!

  2. LOL
    i dont care

    that was intended

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