Smart Penguins’ last AUSIA Event [RESULTS]

Hello SP!

As planned, we had our final AUSIA event today, with our creators and legends, Vivek and Dinesh.We did great considering AUSIA is dead.With the last event of SP’s AUSIA division, I guess the AUSIA DIVISION in CPA has completely died.

Max : 18

Average: 17

Read on for the last pics :

Thanks to everyone who made the last AUSIA event of SP so successful.Thanks to everyone who have been around in this division of this mighty army.

Astro75114, Smart Penguins Legend

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  1. Came and goodbye ausia!!1

  2. Not attended due to mother fucking technical problems….

    Fuck opera
    Fuck my broadband
    Fuck firefox
    Fuck my pc

  3. Attended.
    Today marks as the official and complete death of not only SP’s AUSIA, but the entire CPA AUSIA.
    RIP SP’s AUSIA, a challenging power who got 18 even during the time of death of CPA.

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