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In The End, it doesn’t even matter

I’ll never forget these


From my first day for Smart Penguins to the last day, I saw many heart breaks or ups and downs. I remained strong this whole period but I couldn’t stop myself from getting emotional today. It all happened suddenly I just came to xat after a long break and I heard that Super and SP are going to perform there last event. This made my heart break and made me cry inside.

I met so many friends and made many brother’s, besties etc. This outlined my career and helped me remain strong. My jouney in SP helped me gain experience and gave me confidence to lead other armies and perform different activities. I got many offers by Super asking to lead this army but I rejected because my primary army was Rebel Penguin Federation. He got angry from me but I made him understand and we became brothers for life. 

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[UK] Last SP Event – Superhero’s Retirement Event Results [27/03/2017]

Hello SP,

Today the final event of SP and the final event of myself, Superhero123, took place. It was really fun! The best way to end a legacy.

MAX: 17



SP First Event



Read more for pictures!

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Smart Penguins’ last AUSIA Event [RESULTS]

Hello SP!

As planned, we had our final AUSIA event today, with our creators and legends, Vivek and Dinesh.We did great considering AUSIA is dead.With the last event of SP’s AUSIA division, I guess the AUSIA DIVISION in CPA has completely died.

Max : 18

Average: 17

Read on for the last pics :

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The End of The Last Ride

Hello SP and anyone who might be reading this.

Some of you may know me, many of you may don’t.I’m Astro, and you might know me for leading this legendary and glorious army.As you might know, we are done with the last events and they ended up to be quite successful, it’s the time for SP to shut down and the time for my final retirement.

It has been quite an awesome and fun ride, but now I guess it’s the time for the end of this journey following the death of the Real Club Penguin Armies.

After staying in this army for over 3 and a half years, I’ve achieved a lot, a few of which are joining as low member and ending up as leader one day.The most important achievement I’ve had in this army and community as a whole is meeting a bunch of awesome people, who later on became really good friends of mine.After the end of the last generation of SP, I was pretty frustrated with the community because of all the multilogging scandals and all armies accusing each other of cheating.But now that this community is closing down forever, I realize the importance of it in my life and I am still remembering all the fun times I’ve had in this.

Read on to know about me and my experience

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The End Of The Journey

Hello everyone who happens to read this post,

I am Superhero123, a member of the Club Penguin Army community since 2012. I have led various armies, mostly Small-Medium ones, but I am mostly known for my key role in the history of the Smart Penguins army, in which’s website I decided to post this on. After all those years, due to CP closing down in March 29th, I, Superhero123, officially announce my retirement from CP Armies and Club Penguin in general. I am never returning on xat either. For more information about this decision, my CP career, and for the thank-you to all my friends in this journey, click read more.

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The Return!

EDIT: UK Division’s last event added.

EDIT 2: Xat Prizes (xats, days, powers etc) will be given to the best SP troops who attend the event by Superhero123!


Hello everyone!

Today, after almost 6 months of the closure of the last generation, I am here to officially announce the return of the Smart Penguins.I am making this post to inform all of you that we’ll be available on chat.Recruiting and hyping starts today.In order to make our last ever event successful, we have to work hard for it.

To make this a successful event, we all have to work hard.Not just the creator and leaders, but the troops and leaders as a whole.Therefore, I call you all to the last event of SP whose new timings will be posted at the end of the post.

Since I’m in the middle of my exams and Super has a quite busy schedule, we won’t be able to stay on the chat like we used to, but I will be available after 8:00 Pm IST everyday.

27th March, 2017

6:30 Pm IST

Server: Ice Breaker

Room: Iceberg

I request you all to be on the chat by 6:00 Pm IST, so that things work out smoothly.

Astro75114, Smart Penguins Legend


Hello SP!

Its time for me to say goobye to the Club Penguin Armies alongside the death of Club Penguin. Therefore I will host my retirement event on Monday, which will also be the last event of SP‘s UK division. Here are the details:

Superhero123’s Retirement Event / SP’s Final UK Event

Date: Monday, 27th March, 2017

Time: 5:00 PM UK, 9:30 PM IST

Server: Ice Breaker

Room: Town

I hope to see everyone there! After the event I will also publish my retirement post aka my last post on the SP website.

~Superhero123, Smart Penguins Legend