Monthly Archives: February 2017


Hello everyone!

As almost everyone of you may know, Club Penguin has decided to shut down for good on the 29th of March.This can only mean one thing: The death of real CP Armies.As there seems to be no good alternative for this, the future of armies is uncertain.As a result, many armies are making a return for a last run on the CP Island.

Therefore, I would like to announce that SP will also be returning in Match for one last event, the biggest event SP will ever have.

So today, the 12th of February, I (Astro) and Superhero123, have decided to meet up on the chat at 5:30 Pm IST to discuss the date and time of the final event.I request all the old SP troops and Leaders to be present at that time if possible, since we need as much help as possible.

More information regarding this will be posted soon.

Astro75114, Former SP Leader and Legend