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Updates in Legends Page/Ranks and stuff

Hello SP!

It has been 2 months ever since the official shut-down of SP, and today, I noticed that the site needed a lot of updates such as the editing of Ranks, H.O.F, Servers, History page etc.

As I’m writing this, I’ve edited all the the pages.I am extremely sorry for not doing that earlier, because of being really busy for the past 2 months.And I’ve heard that some people want SP back, so I’m addressing this to them, SP will be returning in the next Easter vacations or Summer Vacations, only if CPA is alive till then.


  • Ranks page has been cleansed
  • The story of October has been added to the History page
  • 3 new troops from Generation 5 have been awarded the M.O.H [Visguin ,Healthym3 and AbigailXO]
  • Servers page has been cleansed
  • A few posts have been deleted

See you around.

Astro75114, Former SP Leader and SP Legend

Smartness to the Victory!