Winter is coming soon…..

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that winter is coming.Be prepared for Santa emptying his sack at your face (Sack of gifts).

Super or  Darxy, I am waiting for you guys to talk to me soon.

Astro75114, Former SP Leader and Legend

About Guncotton

This is to edited to hide the online past which I'm embarassed by

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  1. In the mean time they reply how about talk to me what happened here I completely disappeared since mid September till now wat happened here apart from the fact the army is dead

    • Long story short : the leaders were too busy to handle the army.And we did win/draw a lot of wars ever since you ‘disappeared’.The army was going just fine, but as you know, real life > CPA.
      We might return soon though.If not this winter, then maybe the next summer (If CPA is alive till then).
      Our return just depends on Vivek’s or Super’s mood, and you can always count me in though *wary*

      • Hello Jedi and Astro,
        I have to tell you that I am not going to return till summer. Astro you have permission to restart SP any time you want.
        ~Smartness to the Victory

      • Great to see you around Super.
        I will restart SP, only when there’s some old SP Leader or Legend leading by my side.
        Just remember, I’m always there for leading SP.You can contact me at in case you want to.
        Enjoy your life and study well 😛
        Cya soon bro.
        ~Smartness to the Victory

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