The Return Will Come

Hello SP,

I am writing this to inform everyone that SP WILL return one day, and that will be in less than a year. I also want to state that till then the only ones who have the right to give permission to someone to revive SP are Vivek, Astro, Dinesh and myself. Every generation made without proof of any of those legends agreeing is false and unofficial. Finally, I want to state that the next generation of SP will be my last one in armies, and that after it I wont be coming on xat at all and neither checking SP site and CPA news sites. I will disappear once it ends once and forever.

Smartness Will Be Victorius once again and it wont be in a long time.

~Superhero123, SP Legend

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  1. Missing SP , I was sad to see that SP was not alive and Super just give me a way to contact you after you disappear from cpa of give rn. Will miss you Super, My Best, greatest, nicest friend

  2. or give rn*

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