Getting SP back on its feet

Hello everyone!

Our beloved leader , Superhero123 retired a few days ago.Since then , SP has been inactive.

The reason behind this is school.Many people retired from the army because of school.My PC was not working for a past few days , due to which I wasn’t able to hold any events.I just returned today , and saw an empty chat.I wan’t shocked to see this , because the leaders have been inactive for a past few days.

SP needs to get back on its feet , but it isn’t possible without the help of our awesome owners and mods.i request everyone to please stay active , and come on the chat regularly.

SP will get back on its feet , but I don’t know how much time it will take to do so.I will be trying my best to keep SP active , but I can’t promise to hold events daily.The reason for this is , my Mid-Term exams are starting at 17th of this month , and I need to start studying for it.My last exam is on 27th Sept. , after which I’ll have a short break of 1 week.I will be holding 2-3 events every week.

Like I said , I will need help of owners and mods to keep this alive till then.The chat was completely empty when I came here , but after a few hours , the chat size increased.

I am also hiring a few more leaders to help me keep this alive , so please contact me on xat.My xat ID is Astro75114SP

Astro75114 , SP Leader and Legend

About Guncotton

This is to edited to hide the online past which I'm embarassed by

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  1. Hey astro if u want i can be a leader😒

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