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Resuming events

Hello SP!

I will keep this post short and simple.

I am here to announce that SP will start having events on Saturday : 1st October , 2016.I won’t be much active today , as I have to go out with my friends tonight.

I request the owners and the mods to stay active on the chat.I will be solo-leading for some time.This doesn’t mean that there will be only AUSIA events till the time I find another leader.I do have some time for leading UK and US events too , but it isn’t possible without the help of our current 2ic’s and 3ic’s.

I request the owners to lead a few events with me , because you are the future of SP!

We will be having a few tactical and training sessions for the next few days.

Astro75114 , SP Leader and Legend

Chat reset

Hello SP!

As you already know , we are returning back on the 30th of this month.

Thus , we underwent a chat reset.PC me on xat to get your former ranks back.

P.S ” I’m e-mailing you the new pass Super

No events

Hello SP!

As many of you know my exams have already started , I don’t find much time for SP or anything else other than studying.I find it difficult to recruit troops like I used to because of less time.

Therefore , I’ve decided that SP will have no events till 30th September , the day my exams end.SP isn’t dead till then though.

Astro75114 , SP Leader and Legend

[AUSIA] Training session [20/09/16]

Hello SP!

Today we had an AUSIA training session and here are the results :

Max : 8

The sizes weren’t good , but we covered them up with our tactics and different formations.Also , this event was done by people in SP.No calling 🙂

Read on for pics :

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[AUSIA] Training Session [19/09/16]

Hello SP!

Today we had an AUSIA recruiting session and we started off at the Snow Forts with a backwards T formation.We later moved on to the Plaza.

Max : 14

Average : 10

Read on for pics :

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Happy Birthday , SP

Note : this post is intended for tomorrow , 19th September , 2016.

Exactly 3 years ago , a small tracking chat was converted into an army by the legendary Vivek , when he was persuaded by his friend , Dinesh.The site of SP was created by Superhero123.

Smart Penguins , were originally established as ‘Smarty Penguins‘  and our first generation officially started on 19th September , 2013 , under the leadership of Vivek , Dinesh and Superhero123.

We had our very first event the same month , where we maxed and averaged 5 penguins.Below is a picture of our very first event :

Soon after , SP grew and had their second event which was a huge success for the leaders and the troops , as we maxed around 12 troops online.However , this event was raided by our old enemies , The Light Troops , with whom we have had bad relations ever since.

In the October of 2013 , SP started growing.We started to max sizes of 10+ in almost every event.Then came a challenge in front of the newly established SP.The Ice Hounds , an army created by Son Nav , declared war on us.The war ended up in a tie.Unfortunately , no pictures against the Ice Hounds were found.

A month later , SP started growing an AUSIA division , which later rivaled the AUSIA division of the infamous Army of Club Penguin.We started maxing 14-18 in every event , and had a practice battle against the Green Mercenaries in which we were declared the winner.This month , SP was also tricked by a person named Cassiusbrutus to change our name to Club Penguin Empire and to start a new generation , but he failed.

In the December of 2013 , we went on to grow our AUSIA division.We also had a war against the Exrate army in which we were victorious.


In the beginning of 2014 , SP experienced a huge drop in size.We started maxing 8-10 in every event , which was bad considering we maxed 15+ a month ago.The next month , SP reached its normal sizes , but were quickly defaced by a person named Rockyiceman.The old site was deleted and a new site , the one on whom you are right now , was created.

In the March of 2014 , one of the greatest leaders in the history of SP , Andy , joined.He formed the UDRSP and we entered CPAC for the first time.This month , SP maxed great sizes of 18-20.


In the May of 2014 , SP joined the League of Justice for a war against our enemy , the Light Troops , in which we won.We reached CPAC #7 for the first time , which was our best rank till the current generation.Dinesh and Rishron , retired this month.SP also won the SMAC Continental Cup this month.


Next month was the last month for the Generation 1 of SP.On 11th June , Andy retired and SP has their last event of the generation , which was an AUSIA practice battle Vs the Rebel Penguin Federation , in which we won.

After 2 months , SP re-opened for its 2nd generation and most unsuccessful generation.We had only 2 events in this generation , after which SP got inactive and shut down.

Almost after a year of the closure of SP , we returned under the leadership of Epic Master and Superhero 123.We had a war with  this month which ended in a tie.

Almost 2 months after Generation 3 , SP returned for yet another short generation under the leadership of Superhero123 and Epic Master.After that , it wasn’t until the April of 2016 , when SP returned for their Generation 5 , which is presumably the most successful generation of SP.

SP Records

Maximum Size : 28 troops online

Leader for the longest time : Superhero123

SMAC Continental Cup winner – 2014

SMAC Summer awards , Biggest Rise – 2014

SP Leaders











Commander Rocky

Epic Master




I have a lot more to write , but I don’t have any more time because I have to go in a few minutes.In the end , I would like to thank everyone who have been in SP and made our days so wonderful.

P.S –> Super , if you would like to add anything , please go on :P.This is also my 100th post on this site XD


Astro75114 , SP Leader and Legend

5th CPAC

Hello SP!

The previous week [11th Sept – 17th Sept] proved to be really good for us!

We got 5th CPAC for the 4th time in our entire history , but this time , under a single leader :P.

I don’t know whether we’ll be able to maintain the rank of #5 on CPAC because of my exams.

Awesome job SP!

Astro75114 , SP Leader and Legend

A short notice

Hello SP!

This post is to inform you guys that as my mid-term exams have started , I find it more difficult to come on the chat.It is possible that we might not have many events the next week , or we might have no events at all.

I hired a lot of people yesterday , including a new UK Leader , Healthym3.

It is possible that we might go null next week , but don’t worry , we are not dying or anything.I won’t be much active till the 30th of this month and Health won’t be available for this week.

I request you all to stay in this army and to not think that we’re dead.We are just going to be LESS active for a week or two.

Astro75114 , SP Leader and Legend

[UK] Training session [17/09/16]

Hello SP!

Today we had a UK training session after a long time and here are the results :

Max : 10

It is a pity to see such a size , considering we had 18+ on chat!

Read on for pics :

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[AUSIA] Mining Expenditure [17/09/16]

Hello SP!

Today we had an AUSIA mining expenditure and I’m really proud to say that we were able to pull of such sizes (With a few rogues though).

This was probably our last event for the month.

Max : 20+

Average : 16

We tried hard to get more people to come to the berg to get the stamps , and we sure did get a lot of people to come on the berg , but nowhere near the size for the stamp.

Read on for pics :

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