MaximeT9 (aka Toxic)’s Retirement

Note: The following text are written by Maxime I just post because he doesn’t have site access.

Hey Smart Penguins,

I am your former 3ic and current 4ic (because of inactivity) Toxic (aka maxime t9). If you are not an sp mod\owner, you are not obligated to read this post. Thanks:)


I am writing this post to announce my retirement. I had a lot of dreams with that army. I did my best. I spent time, money, and most importantly, faith. I was also involved in some secret stuff with super, but this failed because my laptop wasn’t working, and I accidentally dropped my phone in the sea , so I had to buy a new one, which delayed for like 1 month. If I ever have time to be back in the army, I will without any further thinking.

Smartness to the Victory!


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