The Return

Hello SP!

I’m Astro75114 , and I’m here to announce my return to SP!

It has been over a month since I’ve left CPA due to school and stuff , and I’ve decided to return.Today is also the day when Super Returns!

Note : I don’t know if Super wants to make a return post , but he’s returning today

I joined SP a few hours after the very first event (2013) and I’ve been in it ever since.I started as high member , and eventually earned the Leader rank.I’ve led this Gen with Super before too , and here’s what we both are capable of 🙂 :

Now that I’ve returned , I request every owner/mod to stay active on chat.

We will start having our regular events , starting today.

I’ve also removed some mods from the ranks as they are inactive.

I guess that’s all.

Astro75114 ~ SP Leader

About Guncotton

This is to edited to hide the online past which I'm embarassed by

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