War With SR Ends

Hello SP,

War with SR ends as a tie. We get our old servers back.


~Superhero123, SP Leader and Legend

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  1. ƉὄƈҭὄʀṂἷᾗἔҬὗʀҭłἔ

    Greetings from SR!
    Unfortunately, I have many things to say about this treaty. I would like to say the first.
    This treaty is invalid, Delirious himself stated this morning he is not leader. He’s just advising us. Therefore, he did not have permission to go out and make this treaty because he did not have consent.
    Next, this treaty is also invalid because not all leaders were present at the time being. Myself and Rocky never agreed on this treaty, so it is invalid.
    SR requests to re meet and agree on a valid treaty to settle this war, as it is clearly dragging down the interest levels in attending events for both sides.

    Lastly, I have something not on the topic of the treaties, but on the topic of today’s fiasco. I was told that I had scheduled the times wrong, and I thought that was impossible. It couldn’t be, I copied and pasted your invasions on us, so it has to be the same. I decide to check SP site to make sure on these times, but to my surprise, the posts were deleted, which seemed fishy to me. I then remembered i pasted them directly into a notes document shown below, completely untouched.
    I then looked at my post of these defenses, which is shown below as well.
    I then translated the times via Google and it proved that I had the right times all along. I would not like to point any fingers, but I think someone purposely deleted the schedules to cover their tracks so SP could attend the event(s) at different times than scheduled, to then proceed to win the 3 battles of today. I contacted Redgush of CPA, and he said to comment this under your post and this situation is being investigated. Maybe I’m just seeing things, but I believe the times you attended the events today were incorrect.
    Doctor Mine Turtle

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