Your New 3ic..

Hello I’m Spytex,

And I’m your new 3ic!.So time to tell you a little bit about myself!I have been in Club Penguin armies for 3 years and for many armies.I have lead great armies and small armies and Smart Penguins is a great army in my books.A big accomplishment for me has just happend..And that’s joining this army!I joined this army in it’s second generation as a 4ic I was almost 3ic but the army shut down.I was every sad about this and looked for a great army like Smart Penguins but found no other army like this.I always thought ”When Smart Penguins come back I will join them”..The reason I said this is because Smart Penguins is one of my favorite armies in all of my years in Club Penguin armies.Well that’s my introduction into Smart Penguins and remember stay awesome!

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