War Against Night Rebels

UPDATE: Silver Surfers are out of this war.


Hello Smart Penguins,

Night Rebels and Silver Surfers wanted some more servers but because they are both too small to have even a slight chance against SP they made an alliance. They claim to have invaded Glacier successfully but they gave no 24 hour notice (must be cause they knew they were gonna lose and they didn’t want to have their asses kicked). So it’s a good chance for us to get some servers.

Read more for invasion times.

MONDAY 2/5/2016


Date: 2/5/2016

Time: 1:00 PM UK, 8:00 AM EST , 5:30 pM IST

Server: Antarctic

Room: Town


~Superhero123, Smart Penguins Leader and Legend


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  1. I love how ignorant you are. You message me on xat at 5:30 PM EST insulting me because I supposedly didn’t give you guys a 24 hour notice. Yet now I find out one hour later that you never told us about the invasion of 3 servers? Those aren’t 24 hours if you haven’t noticed because if you can count from now until the next event is 18 hours away from 6:30 PM EST. Good job you ignorant fuck. lol “smart penguins” what a legend I find here. So basically, all your invasions scheduled for Saturday are INVALID.

  2. I’m going to be nice to you, Order 2 gives gives back Glacier and will NOT hold the invasion of Matterhorn. Just to inform you due to lack of 24 hour notice from your part, invasions of North Pole and Big Surf are also invalid (Only an 18 hour notice).

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