It wasn’t worth returning to. I first retired when CPA went to hell, came back thinking improvements had been made and came to see a community worse than last time I left. It’s no longer fun. The media is straight up pathetic, Everyone cheats, hacks or accuses people of doing those such actions.  I would like to thank my friends not only in SP, but in CPA as a whole. It’s been a crazy ride and I have these following people to thank: 



My first friend in CPA. We met together in CPPA before making and leading loads of ramdom armies. After we both left in 2013, We returned together in late 2015 to lead GMA.



My 2nd friend in CPA. We, again, met in CPPA in 2012 and we too made loads of weird and random armies together. Although I left, he never did and stayed in DW/NR until early 2016 and he went AWOL. Haven’t seen him since.



You are a pretty chill and funny guy. Althoguh we didn’t have much history you always made me laugh when you were in GMA.



I don’t know whether you are still around today or whether we are on good terms, but you forgave my mistakes 4 times in Redemption Force and you are one of the main reasons I am here today.


Epic Master:

I don’t know whether we are on good terms but I thank you for giving me a chance in RF when you were leading it.



This guy truly turned me from a troop to a leader. He taught me the knowhows in recruiting and leading and gave me a chance to redeem myself twice in SWAT.



You were a pretty chill and funny dude when I was leading SWAT with you.



This guy may not be very well known but he really helped me to lead and to keep going.



It was an honor leading SP and GMA with you man, you were an awesome dude and helped me out a bunch.


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