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[US] Invasion of Antarctic [VICTORY!]

Hey SP,

Today we logged onto Antarctic for our scheduled US invasion of it. We were hoping we’d max over 10 but things didn’t go so well since we haven’t figured out our recruiting lines yet. We had good tactics and ended up winning over the server. GG and Good Job troops! Read on for more!

Max: 8

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8th on CPAC!

Hey SP,

I’m actually quite surprised with how well we’ve come on, I mean all I can actually say is……. THANK YOU…… to the troops for having to put up with me 24/7 on the chat and for always being dedicated and attending the events. So really thank you. But also Congratulations and we’ve reached 8th on the CPA Central Top 10 within our first week!

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Hey SP and Top ten makers!

This week we had a total of 7 events! We did great in most of them and we had some pretty decent tactics!

So top ten makers read on for our max sizes and all that.

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[AUSIA] Unscheduled Training [RESULTS]

Hey SP,

Today we logged onto Ice Breaker (our capital) for some unscheduled training, this was by FAR the best event we’ve had so far in this generation and it’s only the start. We had great sizes and amazing tactics, I hope we can continue to do great like this. Thanks to all who attended and read-on for pictures!

Max: 13

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COBRA Lends us Marshmallow and Down Under for Two Months!

Thanks a lot COBRA. Now we have two servers, so all our invasions are valid.


~Superhero123, SP Leader and Legend

Our Old Selves….

Hey SP,

This is something that has come to me over the past year while the Smart Penguins have been re-opened and while we’ve been having events.

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Invasion of Antarctic Times [ALL COME!]

Hello SP! Today we invade Antarctic. It belongs to CCP right now, but they max like 3 and we have no servers atm so I think its a good idea. Here are times and proof of 24 hour notice:


Times: 8:30 PM GMT, 3:30 PM EST

Date: Sunday 10/11/2015

Server: Antarctic

Room: Town


See you there!

~Superhero123, SP Leader and Legend

[10/10/2015] Unscheduled Training [AUSIA]

Hello SP! Today we had a unscheduled training event on Klondike maxing 10 . We did good, considering that the event was only lead by owners. Good job SP and good job owners for making this event possible!

Read more for pictures.

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[10/9/2015] Unscheduled Training [UK]

Hello SP! Today we logged into Klondike Berg and had an unscheduled UK training event maxing 12 . It would be good, but it’s not because we had 26 on chat, not counting the bot which means 15 people were AFK. Its really disappointing. Take in mind but the next time there will be demotions.

Read more for pics!

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[10/8/2015] Unscheduled Training [AUSIA]

Hello SP! Today we had an unscheduled AUSIA event maxing 10 and it was good, considering that it’s our first AUSIA. Keep growing SP!


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