The Smart Age Begins!!!!

Hello Comrades,

Today we had our reopening event which went of pretty good considering most people in the ausia region still have exams. This event was led by me , Abhinav , Sky and Silver and the latter did great in leading. Thanks to silver for his pictures. Our Tactics were pretty bad due to cp freezing for 3 people that is the reason 3 people didnt do tactics in our pictures. Without further ado read more for pictures.

Formation for the Day

MAX : 15




Smart Penguins Leader


About DecanusLake

"If you Fail 7 times, Stand up Eighth"

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  1. I’m that strawberry ;p

  2. Yay! I attended! 😀

    The Smart Age begins! 💡

  3. I came! Smartness to Victory!!! Our enemies who try to cross the borders of our servers will be EXECUTED!!!

  4. Nice Job!!! 😀

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