Ranking Updates

Quick post about the recent promotions! (June 3rd was promotion day as scheduled)

  1. Gar101 is the new US PST leader.
  2. Redster1060 has been promoted to 3rd in command.
  3. Wenny3 has been promoted to 2nd in command.
  4. Bublegum090 has been promoted to Colonel.
  5. Bedos Pal has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
  6. Mighty0105 has been promoted to Lieutenant General.
  7. Other promotions: Atompro1, Shisuka5, Jinnkazama,Ā ben1011bh, Niki55770

Good luck!

About š“É“į“…Ź

I've been leader in RPF, Smart Penguins, Parkas, and has been a 2ic in GT. I've served as a SMAP CEO (CPAWM) and I design graphics.

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