Smarties Review [ May 26th- May 31th ]


Hello Smart Penguins! Welcome to the first Smarties Review! Lets see what have we done this week!

Monday 26/5/2014

1. Smart Penguins broke their record and reached 7th place on Club Penguin Army Central Top Ten!


2. We got Jack.Frenzy as new USA leader!

3. We officially join League of Justice and declared war on Light Troops.

Tuesday 27/5/2014

1. We successfully invaded in AUSIA times, Light Troops’ servers Yeti and Ice box which is also LT capital!  We maxed 15 on Ice Box and 14 on Yeti!


Wednesday 28/5/2014

1. We had a USA event and we did pretty good. We maxed 15 and averaged 13.


2. We invaded on AUSIA times Light Troops servers Tea, Misty and Sherbet. We maxed 23 troops in each event!

Thursday 29/5/2014

1. We had an AUSIA event that we maxed 17 troops on cp and averaged 15.


Friday 30/5/2014

1. This day SP got caught for using old event pictures as new ones. Andy and Vivek apologized to the CP army community and Vivek stepped down from leader to adviser and moderator on chat. CPAC post can be found here.

2.  SP had an AUSIA event in which we maxed 17 troops on cp and averaged 15.


3. SP had a UK event that we maxed 16 troops on cp and averaged 14.


Saturday 31/5/2014

1. This is the list with SP leadership changes, demotions and diplomatic changes made by Andy:


  • Vivek has stepped down, he is now advisor.
  • Superhero123 and Zarpa have been promoted from 2ic to form a dual UK leadership.
  • Jack.Frenzy has been appointed as US leader.


  • 3rd June is a promotion day. You will be given a promotion if you have earned enough crowns by attending events.
  • Koko70006 and Ghost647 have been promoted to 2nd in command.
  • Hefman/Tennis is our new US 2nd in command.


  • ACP and RPF are now brother allies.
  • Dead armies like Dark Knights and Ice Hounds have been removed from the A/E page.
  • GD, RP, Golds, RF are allies.
  • We have neutral relations with DCP, IW, WV, SWAT, DW and Nachos.

2. SP beat Guardian Penguins and Royale Penguins, so we became champions of SMAC! Here is the trophy and pictures from UK clash:



To sum up, Smart Penguins had a nice week! Good Job SP!



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  1. Great job sp!!

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