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Victory Over RPF in Practice Battle!

Hello Troops,

Today we had a Pb versing Rpf at around the times we normally do bad but we surprised everyone by winning the battle. Sp maxed like around 14 and averaged 10.

Good Job to Rpf Also

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My Retirement

Hello troops,

Today, I am officially retiring from the Smart Penguins’ leadership to seek personal accomplishment in the Golden Troops. I led you all since March, and it has been a wonderful journey, in which we went through thick and thin to get a place in the CPAC top 10, not once, not twice, but five times! Together, we won our first tourney in the army community. We gathered allies and now, we have a better USA and Euro division, too!

But, I regret to say that I have to leave now. I will stay adviser, and I will look after the website and the chat, but I won’t lead. I have achieved what I planned to do in SP. So, I will better empty my boots and allow some other aspiring person to lead in my place. I request Vivek and Superhero123 to hold an election to choose my replacement.

Resurgence has been achieved.

~Andy, SP adviser

Sp Ausia Event Results

Hello Comrades,

I am making this a short post with just the results of our Event. This Event was led by me and Superhero and Dinesh. It took place at Ice Breaker Berg.

Formation of The Day 

Read more for Pictures :

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Yet another Spectacular Ausia Event !!

Hello comrades!

Today we logged on to Marshmallow Town for our first AUSIA event this week and we had amazing sizes, thanks to the Pokemon tournament that was held just before the event. This Event was led by me , Andy and Dinesh. Before the event, our second in command Fix retired. We maxed 22 in the event.

Read more for Pictures:


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New Chat Rule: No Cussing

Hello troops,

From today, any curse, cuss or profane words won’t be tolerated on the SP chat. You will be given an instant kick or ban depending on the gravity of the violation.

What is allowed?

Shit, crap, damn, hell, censored swears and abbreviated swears (not directed to a person)

What isn’t allowed?

N-word, F-words, V-word, D-word, B-word, M-word

Thank you, and I hope you follow this rule to the best of your ability. Moderators and owners should take action if rule is not followed.

Ranking Updates

Quick post about the recent promotions! (June 3rd was promotion day as scheduled)

  1. Gar101 is the new US PST leader.
  2. Redster1060 has been promoted to 3rd in command.
  3. Wenny3 has been promoted to 2nd in command.
  4. Bublegum090 has been promoted to Colonel.
  5. Bedos Pal has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
  6. Mighty0105 has been promoted to Lieutenant General.
  7. Other promotions: Atompro1, Shisuka5, Jinnkazamaben1011bh, Niki55770

Good luck!

Scheduled UK event of 03/06/14 results.

Hello SP!

We had a great event today. We got around 15. Read More for pics!

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Stop the frequent defections

This month, I’ve been observing you soldiers, and I saw that many of you are defecting to other armies, coming back, to and fro, and getting rude and angry for mere misunderstandings and arguments on chat. You have to be more tolerant. You should ignore what is making you feel bad. Also, mods and owners should be acting strict on swearing and disrespecting.

We need you all to bind together as team for SP to progress.

Smart Penguins Team Video

Hello smart penguins, Superhero123 here. Please check this video I made!

Logging off,



Sp Event Results [ Uk ]

Hello Comrades,

Today our Uk logged on Ice Breaker Berg for yet another awesome Uk Event and we did pretty well as our Uk normally doesn’t get these sizes. This Event was led by Me , Andy , Superhero and Ghost. Our Tactics were also good.

4 Crowns to all who Attended

Read more for Pictures :

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