New US Leader: Jack Frenzy

Hello troops,

You all may know that our US division has been lacking a good, experienced, long-lasting US leader since long. There have been many trials, and best of them has been Tompenguin6. This time around, I believe that Jack Frenzy (Nicjackson88) our new US leader will turn things around. Now, let’s show him some support and hope that our US division flourishes!



About 𝓐ɴᴅʏ

I've been leader in RPF, Smart Penguins, Parkas, and has been a 2ic in GT. I've served as a SMAP CEO (CPAWM) and I design graphics.

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  1. Lets do this guys! I want Light Troops to die mostly Waterkid but lets go! – KingCubby RP main leader.

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