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We have won the SMAC Continental Cup 2014!

I would like to thank our leaders Jack, Andy,  Zarpa, Superhero123 and also all 2ics and 3ics and most importantly…….


Our performance was great at the UK clash, even though RP was leading, we eventually got 13 andovertook them! We won!

We also won our US event which we were leading all the way through. We got 8 and won!

Congratulations, SP!





‘The First Post’


Respected leaders and soldiers,

Hello, I am a new author! I am from India. I am going to tell the whole story from how I became a member till an author.One of the soldiers recruited me and brought me to the Smart Penguins. I though I should join this army, then I saw that there was an event going on, so Vivek told me to log on to Club Penguin. Then he said “Do you want to join SP” and I said “Yes”. After that, 5 days passed and I was immediately promoted to Lieutenant. Afterwards the crowns system came which was introduced by Andy. After 3 days, I got 36 crowns immediately, then after 4 to 10 days I got 42 crowns and then my journey began till the rank of Major. After half a month I got a promotion to Major. then I attended almost 10 to 20 events after a month I got a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel by gaining 72 crowns. After so many days of hard work, I was not getting any crowns because Andy was on a leave. Then after some days Vivek said that,”3ic promotions are available”, so then I thought that I can get this 3rd in command. Vivek said,”You should register for a 3ic promotion, I have an WordPress account that is too much old and I can give that to you” then I was thinking “OMG so cool, I became a Third In Command!”. Today Andy was private-chatting me, he said “I am too much tired nowadays, give me your WordPress name I said,”I don’t have a Word Press account” and Andy said “Oh, I thought that I could make you an author”. Then I thought ”Oh ok, I can be an author” then he made me a WordPress account. And now today I am making this post! 😀


Steve Francis,

SP 3rd in command


Poll of the Week

Hello Smart Penguins,

May I welcome you to the poll of the week!

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Leadership Changes || Demotions || Diplomatic Changes

This week has been a week of CHANGE for Smart Penguins. We have undergone various changes and today I’m going to summarize them all for you SP troops.


  • Vivek has stepped down, he is now advisor.
  • Superhero123 and Zarpa have been promoted from 2ic to form a dual UK leadership.
  • Jack.Frenzy has been appointed as US leader.


  • 3rd June is a promotion day. You will be given a promotion if you have earned enough crowns by attending events.
  • Koko70006 and Ghost647 have been promoted to 2nd in command.
  • Hefman/Tennis is our new US 2nd in command.


  • ACP and RPF are now brother allies.
  • Dead armies like Dark Knights and Ice Hounds have been removed from the A/E page.
  • GD, RP, Golds, RF are allies.
  • We have neutral relations with DCP, IW, WV, SWAT, DW and Nachos.


AUSIA Unscheduled Event of 29/5/14

Hello Smart Penguins! It’s Andy, your AUSIA leader here!

At around 5 pm IST on 29th May, 2014, SP had an unscheduled AUSIA event (sorry for the late post) in which we maxed 17 soldiers throughout the event. Event was led by Vivek, Ghost647 (2nd in command), and me.

Click “read more” for the pictures of this event!

Note: Crowns for the UK event of 30/5/14 are being handed out!

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UK Event Results 30/5/2014

Hello Smart Penguins, 

We had a decent event today on Marshmallow. We had decent tactics. We maxed 16. The event was led by Andy, Superhero123, Zarpa and Vivek. Read more for pictures!

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Ausia Event Results.

Hello Comrades,

Today we logged on to our capital Icebreaker for yet another fantastic Ausia unscheduled event where we managed to get good sizes along with tactics. This event was led by Wenny and Steve, our 3rd in commands. We got around 18 troops on Club Penguin.

Formation of the Day:

Read more for Pictures:

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Funny Pic of the week! #1 [THE TEAM]

Hello Smart Penguins,

I have decided to do a ‘funny pic of the week’ thing and every week i will post a funny picture!

Here is todays funny pic of the week!


Hope you guys enjoyed this funny pic of the week!




Apology to CPAC and all SP Troops

It brings me a great amount of shame and pity that our other leader, Vivek has been editing and re-using pictures for a couple of events lately. Thanks to Cheedu1, I got apprised of this pathetic act. I would like to issue an apology to CP Army Central, and all the SP troops about this. This scandal won’t ever happen again, at least until my leadership at SP ends. I will be scrutinizing each and every results post for any such modification.

Also, I will trying to force Vivek into stepping down from his leader position as this act doesn’t suit a leader. Jack and me will be the two leaders, me being the Prime Minister (elected in March). Sorry to everyone.

Wenny3’s first post

Hello Smart Penguins!

I am Wenny3 the newest Smart Penguins 3ic. I was offered my rank just yesterday by this armies leader and creator, Vivek. I am very freindly so come and chat with me! I will post battle videos and other cool stuff on the website to keep you guys entertained. I have to go now 😦 . Any new troops, Welcome to SP and I look forward to meeting you.



Smartness To The Victory!