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Hi this is flash aka moneytrees aka white millz aka pink millz im the new usa leader  and i belive yall should stay up a little later ausia and i belive uk should stay for usa events till our usa gets back on our event. We must have a strong usa to actually have a force in cpac and smap armies will just declare war at usa times and trust me im not tryna get fired lmao have fun and i beg you to recruit for our usa if you dont it shows that you dont care about us which is a nono there is no longer a uk/usa there is a uk and a usa they both will soon max 20 all the armies must tremble so s i said we will rise we do somethin sp has not we will break records and hopefully we will lock our selves out of the room on a empty room with no other armies in it. so get ready to roll. Also please help me by coming to sp chat at all time you are on even when you are not talking it helps recruits think they are in a huge army instead of them thinking we max 10 even though we max 20.

Ice Cube


May 3rd 2014

4:30 PM EST

3:30 PM CST

2:30 PM MST

9:30 PM GMT

1:30 PM MST


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