Scheduled AUSIA Training on Icebreaker!

Hello everyone,

Today, SP had an Scheduled AUSIA event at 7:30 pm IST on our capital Icebreaker [1 bar]. The event was led by Vivek, Flamearies, our 3rd in command, Justinfortsa, our 4th in command and me. We maxed 20 troops on CP, and our AUSIA is truly back!

Thanks to Flame for the pictures. Click “read more” to see them.








About 𝓐ɴᴅʏ

I've been leader in RPF, Smart Penguins, Parkas, and has been a 2ic in GT. I've served as a SMAP CEO (CPAWM) and I design graphics.

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  1. I came. Keep up the good work!

  2. I Attended

    We Did Great Today

    Thanks For All The Troops For Supporting Us

    We Will Reach cpac Soon If We Work Hard In the same way

    This is-
    Flame Signing off

  3. i attended
    good event πŸ˜€

  4. I came- Rose22079 it was a great event!

  5. I came-A1710 great event πŸ˜€

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