Hello Troops,

We are 4th on SMAC Top 10 and 3rd on SMAP Top 10.

We have had a downfall in the last two weeks, and we have gone down to being a medium army again. This should not happen again. It’s time to take flight, and soar high.

This week will be Operation: Revival, in order to get back our sizes in USA, UK and AUSIA. This week will be chock-full with scheduled and unscheduled events, and two tourneys (SMAC Spring Supremacy and CPAC Spring Smackdown) as well as SMAP’s new tourney meant exclusively for AUSIA, which we must win!



About 𝓐ɴᴅʏ

I've been leader in RPF, Smart Penguins, Parkas, and has been a 2ic in GT. I've served as a SMAP CEO (CPAWM) and I design graphics.

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  1. I think I will join the army soon. Did I join and I like this army

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