Hello Smart Penguins,

It’s me, Vivek. You guys must have been disappointed that I didn’t turn up for a few days, but don’t worry I am back for good. I was grounded so I wasn’t able to reach you guys. We had a small comeback event to celebrate the comeback of your GOD [Vivek]. It was a good event overall, we didn’t do so bad but we could have done better. The event took place on Icebreaker [1 bar].

MAX : 16 


Read more for pics:


The Cheater 

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"If you Fail 7 times, Stand up Eighth"

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  1. vivekspleader

    i came and good job our ausia as well as me are back 🙂

  2. i came


    Good job once more ausia! I am too impressed for my unit but we have to do more good! We have to max 31 but this is also good.So,keep it up! 🙂

    From Major.
    Steve Francis.

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