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I’m Back!

Yeah Boy! I am BACK!!!!!

But in between for 1 month I have to go for my

brothers funeral so I Will not be able to be active

between that time.

~ Astro75114 ( LORD A7 )

Usa events

Click read more for event times

Hi this is flash aka moneytrees aka white millz aka pink millz im the new usa leader  and i belive yall should stay up a little later ausia and i belive uk should stay for usa events till our usa gets back on our event. We must have a strong usa to actually have a force in cpac and smap armies will just declare war at usa times and trust me im not tryna get fired lmao have fun and i beg you to recruit for our usa if you dont it shows that you dont care about us which is a nono there is no longer a uk/usa there is a uk and a usa they both will soon max 20 all the armies must tremble so s i said we will rise we do somethin sp has not we will break records and hopefully we will lock our selves out of the room on a empty room with no other armies in it. so get ready to roll. Also please help me by coming to sp chat at all time you are on even when you are not talking it helps recruits think they are in a huge army instead of them thinking we max 10 even though we max 20. Read the rest of this entry

Scheduled UK Event [25-4-2014] Results

Hello guys, today we had an Scheduled UK training event. It was led by me, Vivek, and Justinfortsa, our 4th in command. The size was moderate but the tactics could have been better. Click ”read more” to see the event pictures!

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Today’s CP Walkthrough-Special Issue

Hey SP,

Im here with today’s CP Puffle Party Walkthrough


Today the Puffle Gala is released and lets go there

This room has a stage and if you check it there is a screen that shows the new puffle tricks.It shows the tricks on the screen so that you do tricks with your puffle on the stage(where I am standing) .The room is designed good with tables and a waterfall


There will be some of you who have not met PH yet.So i have got some times (FOR TODAY),try to meet her at that time(All are Portuguese servers)

April 24, 2014:
7:15am PST on the server Mamute (Portuguese)
11:00am PST on the server Vale Branco (Portuguese)
2:30pm PST on the server Pizza Fria (Portuguese)


SKATES11-500 coins

DIGITNOW-500 coins

4VOLCANO-500 coins

PUFFLES1-Blue Border Collie Puffle Hat.

Many of you may know it,but still for those who do not know this codes



If you look at the blog 

You guys had some great guesses about what we’ve got coming in May.

I’m stoked to finally tell you that it’s going to be the Future party!!!

Here’s two sketches of what we’re working on.

What do you think future Club Penguin will look like? Leave us a comment below.

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

So we get to know that the Future Party is coming to Club Penguin in May,So what do you think of it??


CP is hosting a Hat Contest on May 1st at the Beach (every server) So get ready with your hat to join the contest


For those who didnt know about this,There is a Lavender Bunny Ears item at the Beach-

You have some days to collect all the items,The party ends on April 29th


What do you feel about the Puffle Party,the re-designed rooms, the music of the new rooms and the new Puffle Gala?Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

Thats all for today



AUSIA Event of 23-4-14!

Today we logged on Icebreaker [1 bar] for an AUSIA event. We managed to get 16 troops on CP. The event was held at 7:30 pm IST.

I hope to get better sizes in the future and many were AFK. Demotions might be handed if this repeats.

Many people left in between and new people came on late, so many pictures could’t be taken.

Read more for pics: 
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Today’s CP Puffle Party Walkthrough

Hey SP,

I’m here with today’s Puffle Party walk through!

Lets see what today’s items are!


The items for today are at the Dock (Wildlife Park).

Today’s items are:

Members: O-Berry Costume

Non member: Wind-Up Hat

That’s all for today,


Hi Everyone!

Hello SP,

I’m A1710!

I’m here to keep you informed about CP codes, cheats, parties– A CP Walkthrough!


Scheduled AUSIA Training on Icebreaker!

Hello everyone,

Today, SP had an Scheduled AUSIA event at 7:30 pm IST on our capital Icebreaker [1 bar]. The event was led by Vivek, Flamearies, our 3rd in command, Justinfortsa, our 4th in command and me. We maxed 20 troops on CP, and our AUSIA is truly back!

Thanks to Flame for the pictures. Click “read more” to see them.

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If you have been seeing the SP sidebar lately, we have finally reached 20,000 views for our new site, along with around 10,000 views with our old site! Good job!

Scheduled UK event!

Hello troops,

Today, we had an Scheduled UK event at early times. Event was held on our capital Icebreaker [1 bar], and was led by Vivek, Awesomeguy64, our 4ic, Flamearies, and me. We maxed 15 troops on CP. It was a good event, and I hope we keep these sizes throughout this week.

Formation of the Day:


Click “read more” for pics ..

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