SP max 18 at Ice Breaker

Greetings SP,

Today, SP had a pre-scheduled event on our capital server Icebreaker, in which we managed to get 18 troops on CP. The event was led by Andy, our leader, Dinesh, as well as me. The tactics were mediocre at times, because we were suffering from xat glitches and heavy lag. Anyway, it was a good team effort. Stay tuned for our UK practice battle tomorrow versus the Nachos! Also, new graphics have been added to the site and chat, as you may have noticed!

Click “read the rest of this entry” to see the pictures of today’s event!






Vivek & Andy

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  1. I came 🙂 GOOD EVENT GUYS but plz be active during events no AFKS

  2. i came and dont kno if im in this army or not?


  4. i came in the event it was good event

  5. I came and recorded =D

  6. яσcку бθθ2б

    I was not there || Stupid Rocky why not came to the event || Sorry Sir 😥

  7. яσcку бθθ2б


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