UMA and SP broker a deal

The following treaty has been signed by the leaders of UMA and SP at 01:15 GMT on March 17, 2014.

UMA-SP Parallel Merge

Date of Expiration: July 7, 2014

Body: UMA and SP undergo a parallel merge, meaning that both armies assist each other in the USA and Aus/Asia division respectively. Leaders of both armies get owner position in both the chats. All other members, including high-ranked troops stay in the rank they have. UMA helps SP in USA war battles, and SP helps UMA in AUSIA war battles. Practice Battles and trainings excluded. UMA AUSIA events get done through the SP chat box, and SP USA events get done through UMA chat box. Result posts get posted in both the army sites. No exchanges in site administration. SP keeps its identity, name, site and chat. Also, the treaty is unbreakable.

Signed By: Vivek, SP creator  | Andy, SP leader | Daniel, UMA leader |

About 𝓐ɴᴅʏ

I've been leader in RPF, Smart Penguins, Parkas, and has been a 2ic in GT. I've served as a SMAP CEO (CPAWM) and I design graphics.

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