Why Jayden and Dwain Should Get Demoted

Hello guys, its me, Superhero123 with some really bad news. Our Leader Jayden and our 2ic Dwain started being impolite. They got people and they told them if they wont join they will hack their IP’s. Read more for pics to proof that:


He says to a guy who came to chat that he will ban him if he doesnt join.


Dwain says he is leader and he said he will ddos me if I show those pics to people.



He doesnt care about Vivek is main leader and he also says that andy and rix.


Scream says that even if he is a mod he is stronger than everyone.


Finally Jayden says than sp has no rules.




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  1. i will take care dont worry

  2. Yes when he became the admin on NCP the creator skipper made me it’s leader and administrator jayden was an admin too so he demoted me and skipper told me to announce a war so I did it for him but that stupid jayden told SMAC that the war is off and called me a noob

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