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Result of Event of 20-2-14

Hello Troops.Today we had an Event and we averaged 8 in it and Maxed 10 in it!
Lets try to be more active to get even bigger sizes.

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Event for 20 and 21 February 2014!

Hello Troops.

I have scheduled an event and we should get sizes like 10+ in this event.

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Hi guys,

Today we logged on Ice Breaker our capital server and we maxed sizes of 10+. This was a good improvement from last week as we maxed only sizes of 7-8 last week and went down in SMAC and CPAF. We will schedule more events where i expect to see sizes of 10+ and also so sorry for the lack of pictures I completely forgot about pictures luckily P291049608 and Olemon2261 had a pic each.

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Hello Troops.Its me Astro and I am scheduling some events and we should get sizes like 10+ in this event. Last week we did bad as many werent able to come that must not be the case this week for now check out events/event for the upcoming days.

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Hi Guys,

Its me Vivek, ur leader and here with a news about an unscheduled event we had, we werent bad i should say and thus ends the week of SP on hold as exams are over for all and we are back. For now let us see the results of yesterday’s event.

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Hi guys,

Its me Vivek, your leader as i mentioned in the previous post we might not have many events. I am here with the results of the 2 events we had yesterday and i should say we werent bad though many ppl told they wont turn up because of exams the people who did recruited well and on the whole we maxed an average size but i dont expect this next week.

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Hello Guys,

Its  me Vivek, ur leader and here with  bad news that is SP is on hold meaning there wont be any events till the end of this week and thats because this week is the week when many have exams and many are not able to make it we might have one or two unscheduled events or maybe one scheduled not more than that next week we will have to do really good.

“No gain without Pain”


Events for Vivek’s Comeback!

Hello Troops.I have a good news that Our Main Leader : Sir Vivek is back!!!!!!!

For his comeback , I am scheduling some events and we should get sizes like 15-20 in all the events.

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Unscheduled Event Results 8/1/14!

Hello Troops.Today we had an Unscheduled event and we maxed 15 in it and averaged 11 in it!Amazing work!From now , we should get sized like this only and even more sized like 20.

BTW read more for pics:

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Hi guys, plz read more for important changes!

Its me Vivek here to talk about the inactiveness of troops in SP. So i decided to reform the government where ranks shall be earned by SP’s(SMART POINT’S). Once you earn a certain amount of SP’s you can increase your rank in our site and after few promotions you get new position like Mod and Owner.

For now they shall be Mass demotions and those who prove themselves get their ranks back.

Edit: SP from now will have only 7 owners and they are:
  • Ash
  • Darxia
  • Videogames
  • King Mondo
  • Rambo
  • Kad
  • Dunno (promoted from mod)
Also there will be 10 mods and they are:
  • Rose469
  • Archita (demoted)
  • Cirby5
  • Rocky60026
  • Rish(demoted from Main)
  • Bobrules 107
  • Dwain 2
  • Domo63679 (demoted from owner)
  • Jetpatguy
  • Snaketeja (demoted from owner)

These Ranks may have changed now for the correct ranks go to our ranks page

Thank You!!!!!!!